Collaborate without boundaries
  • DAY 5

    So, I was able to complete this on Friday night. We went out to dinner with friends and on the way there I asked him. The things that bothered him the most were not picking my clothes up out of the bathroom floor and not taking my dirty dishes straight...
  • DAY 4

    Today's dare was easy. I called my hubby on my way to work just to say I love you and to make sure he was feeling well. (started new meds last night) I have always made an effort to check in. I will send him funny texts, calls out of the blue, facebook...
  • Weekend

    Well, I decided to take a break over the weekend. Kinda focus on what has happened and what is going on outside of the relationship. I'm sick. Not only did I have cancer 2 years ago but I have a whole list of medical conditions. I don't feel well...
  • DAY 3

    So last night I folded a load of clothes and did a load myself. Cleaned the shelves in the fridge. Just little things. Then I sent him a text message to tell him how thankful I was to have him in my life and that I notice and appreciate all the things...
  • Day 2

    I really shared yesterday. But this will only be effective if I am honest with myself. Today was rough. I did not feel well and was kind of whiny. I admit when I am at least. He was amazing. Brought me what I needed and listened to me complain. I kept...
  • easy right?

    My husband and I have lost our way. 2 years ago I was diagnosed with cervical cancer. During the surgery recovery period, he had to take care of me. I could literally not even wipe my own tush. Once I got better, I just kept getting sick over and over...
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