Collaborate without boundaries


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So last night I folded a load of clothes and did a load myself. Cleaned the shelves in the fridge. Just little things. Then I sent him a text message to tell him how thankful I was to have him in my life and that I notice and appreciate all the things he does even though it doesn't always seem like it.  

He's a truck driver and has a different schedule every week. I work 4 10 hour shifts so most of the week, we don't really see each other.  He's long been at work before I get up and he's going to bed when I get home.  It makes it hard to have any sort of romance.  

One thing that we have started doing.  He will bring me a drink or ice cream when he gets off work.  I work in a large medical complex so we have "our bench" and we will meet and spend 5 to 10 minutes together just talking. It's really made me feel closer to him and as if the distance between us has gotten shorter.  It may not be much but it's something.

So for day 3, I got him a candle.  We love smelly stuff and are big candle users.  This one smells very beachy and happy.  For our 1 year dating anniversary and our honeymoon, we went to Orlando and stopped at Daytona.  (We live in the Smoky Mountains).  I know he would never think of it that way but I do.  Life was simpler back then.

We had our first date July 31, 2010.  We had both split with our spouses the year before.  Neither one was really looking for anything special just to get out of the house and have fun.  He picked me up around 11 am and we finally parted around 2 am.  We were inseparable from then on.  He met my family a month later, I went to Mississippi to meet his in October. And he breaks his leg while we are there. We actually ended up moving in with my parents for his recovery.  (we both had stairs).  Then after the 3 months, we knew it was forever but were in no hurry to marry.  

  • Be cautious of doing more than a dare a day. such as texting him messages.  He may see you doing things that the dares call for you to do and then see you doing the things that are more than the dares call out for and think you are going overboard or getting in his space/

    with your schedules it may be more difficult to do some dares, but this makes it where you have  to rely on God more fully, so there is that benefit.

  • At some point priorities have to change. I may sound cruel but my marriage was the same way and now it's in serious jeopardy. The book His Needs Her Needs says husbands and wives need to PLAN at least 15 hours per week just to spend time together. That should be priority.

    I always made excuses not to spend time together but I look back and I could have easily changed my schedule to accommodate time for my wife. Two people can't grow together if they never spend time together.

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