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Day 2

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I really shared yesterday. But this will only be effective if I am honest with myself. 

Today was rough. I did not feel well and was kind of whiny. I admit when I am at least. 

He was amazing. Brought me what I needed and listened to me complain. I kept trying to think of things to do for him. And now that he has gone to bed, I thought I had failed on today's dare. 

Then I thought about it. I acknowledged everything. Thanked him and told him how much I appreciated him. Asked what I could do to help. Offered to pack him breakfast. Fix him dinner.  

Maybe it wasn't a huge thing but it was something. And I do appreciate him more than he will know. 

We are rebuilding our relationship from the ground up. Getting to know each other again. I don't want to be roommates anymore. I want to be a team. I want him to be the one I turn to on my bad days and the one I run to on my best. He's an amazing man. I called him Mr. Wonderful when we first started dating. And he is. Not perfect by any means because no one can drive me that crazy faster. 

So I'm excited to see what tomorrow brings. I haven't really decided what I'm going to do yet but I know it will be special. Because it will be done out of love. 


  • Stay with the dares and they will mold you into loving as Christ loves.

  • True, you must be honest with yourself because God knows your heart. You can't deceive Him.

    It sounds like you did a lot actually. He had to appreciate all of that. Just maintain that loving attitude even when things get bad.

    Rebuilding the relationship from the ground up is a wonderful idea. That's exactly what I've been thinking but there's no way my wife would consider that. Keep remembering how you viewed him when you first started dating. That is leading your heart and all those love feelings will follow. And surely remember that he CAN drive you crazy faster then anyone else. Keep yourself prepared.

  • Start calling him Mr. Wonderful again since you are starting over. I bet that would do "wonders," for how he feels loved by you.

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