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Day 60, Round Two! "Love is Jesus Christ"

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Love is most definitely Jesus Christ! His love is what pulled outta the funk I was in. He brought me out of that dark place and took me back regardless of how much I wronged him, and because of his Love, Grace and Mercy I am still standing, and able to love my husband even though the love is not returned. Thank you Lord for loving me!!!! I don't know what his plan id for my life but I know I he allowed me to see something in my husband last night that Iv'e never seen before. I don't know if this was his way of telling me to let go or not, I'm gonna pray on it. But last night I knew I had  Bible study with the kids so I text my husband earlier in the day and just let him know that I wouldn't be cooking so he has to fend for self tonight due to being out late for Bible Study. He said okay. We got home around 9:30pm, he was sitting his car on the phone. He then came in shortly after the kids and I. I asked how his day was, he said fine. He then proceeded to get in the shower, I told him that I was so hungry and hadn't eaten anything. He didn't say anything. When he got out, I got in. When I got out the shower he was sitting on the bed eating a big plate of food. I said "ouu what you got?" he replied with "Oxtails, rice, and cabbage" So I said must be nice with a smile on my face. Now the man I married would have quickly offered me some or even all of his food, especially knowing I was hungry. That's one thing that made me love him so much, he was always non selfish and always shared things with me. I wouldn't had eaten any if he offered but the fact that he kept on eating without a word, just did something to me. Disturbed me a little and made me realize that this man really does not care about me anymore. He went to bed when he was done without saying a word and stayed far away from me the entire night. Got up this morning without a word, and left for work without a word. Normally that would have hurt me but I don't feel anything right now. I'm a little confused about not feeling anything. Lol...but I know these things are all part of God's plan for my life so I'm not gonna dwell on it too much. 

  • Keep to no expectations.  Even a big plate of food when you're starving.  

    Consider the not feeling anything to be actually in Christ's comfort and that He's taking the hurt away.  Thank Him for that.

  • I have gotten to a point where I don't feel much anymore. I don't think it's a bad thing. I think after almost two years I have finally given this over to God. I tried so hard to bring her back myself. She got her d four months ago but I wait for her to return because (as you say with your husband) this is not the same person I married. Mine was/is involved in an affair. She doesn't think that way because to her we are not married anymore. She thinks she's justified in the relationship now. This relationship has caused her to be a whole different person but I believe that old person can come back someday. I just need the willpower to wait in her.

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