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Day 59, Round Two! "Love is impossible"

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Yes, looking back on some of the dares, a few did seem impossible and very hard to complete. But my faith has become very strong so I just pray on each dare even the easy ones and lean on God to pull me through. I have realized that only with him by my side, will I get through this and life period. I have learned so much about Love by taking on this dare and I'm praying one day my husband will love me enough again to give us another chance so he can get to know the new me. I can't even imagine sharing my life with anyone else so I really hope he is apart of God's plan for my future. 

  • With us things are impossible but with God....... all things are possible. Ingrain that in your head. Make it your every thought. Don't forget that no matter what happens God is there and He can fix any marriage.

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