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Day 58, Round two! "Love seeks to understand"

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Today's Love Dare was a no go! I was supposed to make a special dinner at home for the two of us. After the text I sent my husband last night about him being on the phone with the chic, he hasn't said anything at all to me. Nor have I said much to him. I didn't even have an appetite to eat anything. I made him a plate of what I cooked as I do every night. He actually was home early tonight (7pm). He talked on the phone to her for a few and he came in the house around 8:30pm. He ate dinner in bed, no conversation tho. I'm relaxing watching my Monday night show, and he's actually right here in bed watching it with me. Way on his side, but he's here. I thank God for that. We're so outta tune with one another now, it kinda feels weird when we're home at the same time. At this very moment, I'm not even sure if our marriage is what I wanna keep fighting for. I hate that I even feel that way, but the more he talks to this woman knowing that it hurts me, the more I feel myself pulling away from him. I love him regardless, and I'm down for him through whatever, but I'm just not sure that our marriage will stand. I forgive him for this even tho he's not sorry and that has been the hardest feeling to reach thus far. My mind is all over the place tonight. 

  • When you're thinking these thoughts you must choose to lead your heart.  Not let your emotions  lead you.  It is also a great time to  Be still and know He is God.  Love is  most evident in pain.  it is easy to love when love is returned. But you chose to enter a covenant that calls for unconditional love and standing for the marriage and him till death, no clause to let go because he isn't being the husband he should be.  Let go of the selfish thoughts of your  not sure if you wanna keep fighting.  And remember, it's not you fighting, it is God doing the fighting for you.

  • Not sure what you mean that the dare was a no go.  Was it a no go because you didn't attempt the dare or because you attempted the dare but he didn't respond?

    If you did not attempt the dare, why not?  Just because you knew he would not talk to you?  If so, did  you see the  movie?  Caleb probably assumed she wouldn't talk to him when he attempted this dare.  I don't think many of us had our spouse actually sit down with us during this dare.  

  • But, those of us that tried to complete the dare were successful in attempting the dare.  And so were you if you did attempt this dare.

  • I only say it was a no go because I knew we wouldn't eat dinner together, one reason being that he always comes in way after I eat ( I try not to eat past 6:30pm) and the other being that I didn't want to push him too much because I know he didn't really care to talk to me last night. I did however, bring him dessert while he was in bed. He has a soft spot for sweets so I cut a piece of pound cake, put some whip cream and strawberries on it and brought to him and said "would you like some?" He said what is it? I showed him and he took the bowl and said thank you. He ate every bite, lol...We slept through the night very far apart ( I'm assuming because of what I mentioned in the text the other night. now he has to be hard core and not touch me, smh) I thought by now this would be a little easier but it's not :(

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