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Day 56 Round Two! "Love Intercedes"

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Today's Love Dare comes natural and easy because I pray for my husband on a daily. Today my specific focus is his heart, his mind and soul. And our marriage as well. I had a long powerful prayer and talk with God today.  This morning when I woke up I felt an overwhelming feeling of love for my husband. He was sound asleep, I placed my hand on his shoulder and began praying for him. I thanked God for another day, I thanked him for my husband,  I thanked him for last night because my husband actually put his arm around me and held me all through the night, and I thanked him for my marriage. I kept starring at my husband and smiling while he was sleeping. I rubed his face and beard over and over again. He didn't move away from me so that made me happy because I know he felt me touching him. I then softly kissed his forehead and got outta bed. As soon as I got up he quickly opened his eyes and said "why did you get up?" I said I don't know and he lifted the covers up and said "Come back and lay with me" my heart was happy. I got back in bed and he put his arm around me. A few minutes went by and we began to be intimate with one another. I have to be careful when doing this because I always regret it afterwards because I feel used and thrown to the side. Afterwards, I got up and began my day and so did he (separately of course). I thanked God for those intimate moments we had and tried not to put too much thought into it. We're both home now, he was just exercising in our bedroom and his phone rung. (It was the other woman) so of course he takes his call outside and that's where he'll be for a while I'm sure. They stay on the phone for HOURS at a time. It breaks me down everytime, I can't lie. I know I can't have any expectations of him right now so I'm not gonna react. I'm definitely working on controlling my emotions and leading my heart instead of them leading me. It's hard but with God on my side, I know I will be ok. This chic always seem to call when him and I are in the room chillin, smh. I will just continue to pray for their bond to be broken. 🙏

  • Were you the first to get up after being intimate?  If so, was it so that you would not feel hurt or used if he got up first?  If you got up right away and first, he may feel the same way as you.  That you didn't want to spend any extra time with him afterward.  

    When he spends time on the phone with her, realize how you (we all have done this, not just you) at times in the past have spent time doing things, anything, yet not giving Jesus any time.  And think of how hurt He was when He did everything to you, yet you ignored Him. And let these thoughts of how much He loved and endured for you fill your void when he's on the phone.

  • Have you confronted the woman?  If not, you do have a right to defend your marriage.  Like Caleb did in the movie.  If you do confront her, do it for God's will, not any vengeance, for that is God's.  you can be very direct with her and let her know it's wrong and that you are standing for the marriage and him no matter what she  thinks is going on.  Or however you word it.

    if you choose to confront her, realize he will become very angry but that's okay.  He will calm down in a day or two.

    She will tell him about it.

    For some reason, i think i do remember you have confronted her though.

  • I was the one to get up first but only because I had to be somehere. I always try to lay with him afterwards but he just stays on his phone scrolling through facebook or whatnot when I do. He pays me no mind whatsoever. And no, I have not confronted the woman. Mainly because I do not know who she is nor do I know how to contact her. If God ever reveals her to me, I will be more than ready to handle her in the most Godly, Christian manner as possible. I want her to know that regardless of she thinks or regardless of what he tells her, I am very much so in love with my husband and I am fighting for my marrige with God on my side every step of the way! But only God knows how that conversation would really go, so maybe that is why he has not revealed her to me yet.

  • I was not assuming those were reasons you got up first.  Good to know why you got up first though.

    Remember do not snoop to find out who she is.  God will reveal if He wants you to know.  And no problems being very firm in the confrontation.  

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