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Day 54 Round Two! Love takes delight

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Today sucked. Lol....I spent quite some time this morning thinking and praying on how I could complete today's love dare. It finally Came to me around 11:30am. I thought about skipping my exercise for the evening to stay in with my husband and watch Thor since that's his favorite movie. (I'm not interested in movies like that at all but I knew it would make him happy if I watched it with him and let him explain things to me, lol) I sent him a text because we were both working and I knew I'd be asleep if I waited to ask him in person, being that he doesn't come in until I basically lay down at night. My text said exactly this:

Me:  can we watch the first Thor movie together tonight? I'd like to watch them all (of course not tonight) but I wanna be able to understand the story line. 

Him: of thor? Or the Avengers story line? Cuz in order to understand deeper into the Thor movies, you gotta watch all the Avengers character movies.

Me: ohh ok, I forgot you told me that in the past. Well in that case, I'll watch the avengers movies too. Which one would be the best to begin with? 

He stopped replying. And he didn't come home until after 9pm which I was already laying down. He came in the room and actually spoke first, asked to use my car to go to the bank and he left. He didn't mention anything about watching the movie. He came back, ate dinner, showered and went outside most likely to talk on the phone with the woman he talks to. Whom he has finally admitted to my sister that he talks to her. He told her that she is not his girlfriend, he just likes her and they talk a lot. He said it hasn't gotten physical yet. OMG, my emotions are all over the place tonight. How can he move on so quickly? And sleeping in the same bedbas him every night doesn't make things any easier. This is so hard to go through. Anyway, I guess today's love dare was a failure. I tried tho. I asked God to wrap his arms around me and comfort me through the night, I'm gonna need it 😔

  • the dares are not a failure if you did your best in doing them the way they are suppose to be completed.  So, consider the dare completed. The success comes not  so much in getting the desired results we want, but doing the dares so that the door is more fully opened for Christ to mold us and to work in them.

    He can very easily not text back any longer and talked on the phone with her just because he saw he let his guard down when he got excited about your interest in the movies.  How our spouses try to justify their behavior doesn't make sense, but to them, it is what they feel they need to do.

  • You are right, it is not right for him to talk to her, at all.  You have made it clear to him.  That's pretty much all you can do.  Drawing a line in the sand or giving an ultimatum is not something you should do, so let go of that temptation.  If you haven't been tempted to do so yet, you I am sure will be at some point.  It will backfire if you try it.  

    It is just easier to talk to the opposite sex.  And more fun to.  That's why so often our spouses do talk to the opposite sex.  Even if their is nothing physical going on.  And to them, the bonus is they are hoping we react to it like the world says to react. And that's what they want us to do, so they can say, see, all the changes you claim you make (even if you've never verbalized you've made changes) are just short term because no one changes.  It's all a ruse to win me back and then go back to your old ways.  So, stay consistent in the dares.

  • Thank you Tim :)

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