Collaborate without boundaries

Day 42

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Today my husband has been away since 6am making some extra money catering a couple weddings. I got up this morning and made him coffee (I usually only do that during the week) and I made sure his catering clothes were laid out, ready for him to put on. I don't know if those things count or not as an unexpected gesture of kindness but I did them out of pure love and with no expectations of him. I have been speaking positive words to him for the past 42 days so that part was easy. I try not to say anything negative even when he's being not so nice to me. I still just miss him so much! Last night I asked him if he wanted to have flash back friday and eat Taco Bell together while watching Criminal Minds on Netflix (that was our thing on friday nights, lol) he said yes and we did just that. Of course he fell alseep after eating but it was nice to spend that time with him without him being on the phone with the other woman he talks to daily. I thanked God right away for the time we spent together. I try not to over think things but some days it gets crazy in my mind. I tend to wonder how he feels nothing for me anymore when we were so in love and inseparable at one point. He let me lay on his chest the other night (that's how I slept at night for the past 6 years) and man, just for those few minutes, I was the happiest girl in the world but it was only temporary. I turn to Prayer right away because I know that only Jesus can fill that void of loneliness and hurt I feel. This has been the most emotional, painful, yet rewarding journey I've ever been on! But I thank God for every moment because it is definitely teaching me how to love others and myself and drawing me closer and closer to the Lord every single day. 

  • The other person he talks to on the phone.  Just let it go, realize it means nothing if you continue to choose to forgive and love him unconditionally.

    I bet he/she/they will get bored at some point talking to each other.  In his mind he probably is justifying this behavior thinking he isn't cheating, in any way, even in developing a friendship with her.  

    Continue to pray unselfishly for her soul and God's will to be done in her life.

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