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Yesterday was Love Dare 36 for me. I have been reading the bible on my Bible app daily, along with the Love Dare book, and also I read my God's Promises book several times a week as well. I didn't get a chance to even ask my husband to read with me for this dare and here is why. I went to church, it was amazing as usual. I was filled with so much joy when I left the house of the Lord. And because of that, I knew the devil was gonna be busy when I got home because he always is EVERY single Sunday after I come from church. I got home and my husband asked me about something that was said about him from a family member the night before. I told him, and he lost it. He started yelling at me that it's my fault that the family talks bad about him because I paint him out to be the bad guy all the time. He yelled really loud "We are through! We are over, I can do what the **** I want!" ( he said that because I told him he was wrong for being on the phone with another woman in my face and around our kids). Our children also heard him yell that out and our 8 year old daughter was very upset and started crying. So I just remained calm, told him that I love him and walked out. I took our kids to the park to get some fresh air and talked to them about what's going on. Our daughter is so upset and asked does this mean we are getting divorced. That broke my heart. When we got back home, he was on the phone with the woman he's been talking to daily, and he stayed on the phone with her until late at night when he was getting ready for bed. He was laughing and having a good ol time talking to her. That tore me down inside. I went into prayer immediately. God always comforts me. So I never got around to asking him to read the Bible with me. 

  • You have a right to defend your marriage.  And you did just that.  And you didn't do it in an emotional way.  now, he reacted just like expected.  Lashed out at you.  and then made sure you heard him having a jolly good time talking to her.

    Now, realize she could a female of a completely different species, someone he has no interest in, someone he has no attraction to, someone he really doesn't even enjoy talking to.  But, what she offers is a way for him to get at you, a way for him to show he is in control, a way to show you that he isn't letting his guard down.

  • Let all of this go.  For it is already covered with God ready to forgive him when he says he's sorry and you if you haven't yet, have chosen to lead your heart, forgive him, and share God's love with him unconditionally.

    When it gets to much to forgive, if it ever feels that way, realize Christ's forgiveness of you depends on if you forgive him.  Not fair it may seem like.  but forgive us our tresspasses as we forgive those that trespass against us.  Forgive 70 X 7 times.  


  • Realize that laughter is all a ruse to show you he's in contorl and also him faking himself out that he's enjoying all of this.  Whereas I bet he's in frustration due to God's conviction he's feeling, which is more heavy upon him since you are doing the dares.  And that, long term, is a good thing.  The tough part is he takes the conviction, and places the resulting anger on you.  

    Pray he feels Christ's conviction, realizes what it is, and takes appropriate steps to deal with this conviction.

  • This female could seriously say one plus one is 3 and he would laugh like she was so funny.  It's all for show.  And has no depth to it.  Be still and know He's God.  The marriage is written on his DNA.  He can not escape that.  

  • Do be very careful what you say to the kids.  It is easy to tell them more than they need to know.  It is easy to paint the situation to make yourself look like the good person in all this. Even if you are, do not let your emotions lead you in what you tell the kids.  It is so easy to do.  To say things in such a way to make them look bad without really saying anything negative.

  • Pay for her as you pray for him.  That God's will is done in there lives.  This will leave the selfishness out of your prayer.

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