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Love Dare 29 9/23/18

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Good Morning everyone! Today's Love Dare seems as tho i'ts gonna be a little challenging for me to complete. Loving my husband is easy because it comes natural and telling him in the past was never an issue. However, due to where we stand today, I'm not sure how, when, and where to say it to him. He has told me over and over again in the past 34 days that he's NOT IN LOVE with me anymore and that his heart no longer beats for me (which I understand now, how can it beat for me if it no longer beats for Jesus first?). He was beginning to be rude on most days, talking on the phone constantly to another woman in my presence, he was very irritable with me as soon as he saw me or heard my voice. I have continued to pray and be kind. And I know God is working because little changes have been made within the last week. We have actually had a few conversations without arguing or getting agitated with one another, he hasn't been talking to the other woman in my face anymore, and He's been a lot more patient with our kids. So I thank God for those things, may be small to some but big to me. My husband still tells me and other people tho that his heart is just not on this marriage anymore and he feels like the "D" is our best option at this point. (I gave him the papers, he hasn't filled them out or filed for it tho because we are in the middle of a custody battle for our daughter and he thinks filing for divorce will hurt our chances of winning full custody of her so he wants to wait til that battle is over before filing the paperwork.) He no longer wears his ring too. So for all of these reasons, is why I say today is going to be hard for me. But I have prayed on it so I will wait until God tells me to move on it. I'll write an update later on. Have a blessed Sunday you all ❤

  • Realize God already said to move on it at some point today, because it was the dare for today.  

    Why give him the papers at all?  If anything takes you closer to filing, let it all be on him.  Maybe I misunderstood.

    that's great things have gotten better.  Make sure to take time to thank God for that, but continue to find comfort in God and not the changes.  Realize things may get worse again.  Your spouse is on a roller coaster ride following his emotions.  Where you are leading your heart and being consistent in showing love through patience and kindness.

    if this is a fearful dare to do, be not afraid and realize your most growth comes through the dares that are the hardest or scariest.  

  • You're right Tim, I shouldn't have given him the papers at all but I did that before I started listening to God again. I wish I wouldn't have. You're also right about things getting worse again. I went to Church again this morning and the word was super powerful! I mean I felt every word as if God qas right in my face talking to me one on one. Well of course the devil is busy because when my husband walked in the house, sure enough he was on the phone with that woman again. He acted again as if I instantly annoy him. He told her that I'm annoying and he walked outta the house. The old me would've flipped out and acted like a crazy person but in that moment, I heard God say move! So I did! I put on my gym clothes and walked outta the house. I approached his car (where he was sitting talking on the phone) and I told him our daughter was in the house and that I was leaving to go exercise. He said ok. I then looked at him and said "Marcus, I love you!" And I walked away. Despite how he's acting, I'm still patient and kind. I ironed his clothes for a tailgating even he's going to tomorrow and washed his shoes. I will be sure to stay out of his way for the rest of the day.

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