Collaborate without boundaries

Day 37

  • Comments 2 is easier for me when I pray for others but this dare asked me for something different. It asked about my concerns. This is something I rarely do for me but love trying to fix for others. I even had to read this dare a few times all day just to remember I am NOT trying to fix others. I am realizing God wants me reading everyday not to make sure I can fix what is wrong with my marriage or my children but to seek Him more and then the other things will follow God's will. I always have a hard time praying for my concerns feeling selfish but if I stay focused on God I will not be selfish at all. This such a wonderful discovery of myself. 

  • I had heard the dares may have changed since I did them.  I do not recall all the dares any longer though.

    Pray about all things on your mind.  Giving thanksgiving, petitioning and interceding for others, and petitioning for yourself as well.  and give a little quiet time during the prayer time for God to speak to you.  Let it be a conversation.  Although when I remember to do this, I never hear or feel anything.  But, at least it is considerate giving God time vs us speaking and making it a monologue.

  • I pray for myself a lot. Not for material things or anything positive to happen to me. I pray for strength, wisdom, patience, etc. Things that will bring me closer to Christ. And I pray for God's will to be done in my life. I beg God for these things. I want to be able to be more like Jesus and the only way is to ask God for help.

    My prayers for others are similar. I pray for others to be convicted and to seek strength, wisdom, patience, etc. because of their conviction and according to His will.

    I've discovered amazing things about myself through this. And about the world. And, most importantly, about God. God has me right where He needs me. It's my job to do according to His will.

    "But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you."

    Matthew 6:33

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