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I chose a couple and spoke to them. They are very encouraging about some things and very real on others. I know God has them in my life for a reason. On a different note my spouse made love to me but said he felt nothing. He even stated I told you I was a bad person. I was at a loss for words so I just spoke with my eyes. I want to be in God's will and will continue to pray for that insight and also for my spouse. 

  • If at all possible get The Five Love Languages book and read chapter 10. And try to get your husband to read at least that chapter. What our spouses don't understand (probably most of the world) is that love is a choice. Once you make the choice to love the rest will follow. You can't just not feel love for someone. You choose that. Love is not a magical feeling that comes out of nowhere.

    "Love never fails."

    1 Corinthians 13:8

  • Thanks I will do that. It is definitely a choice you make. I appreciate the care.

  • I totally read that chapter almost immediately. Of course my spouse will not but I incorporated today in talking with the family as a whole. The way we treat people. After it was just us my spouse mentioned that he only gave me half my present...I knew he meant no love reciprocated. I told him love is a choice just like hate. He said but I don't hate you. I agreed but said you choose that just like you can cgoose love. I was met by silence. God knows my heart and his. I will continue to seek God everyday.

  • It's good to have this couple.  I pray they remain in Christ's will for you.

    Do not let his words hurt. let them go at the foot of the cross.  He thinks he has to act or say these things to justify his behavior, nothing else.  And how many other husbands think they are so ingenious coming up with that common phrase, I told you I am a bad person.  How pathetic these spouses words are.  It's like they are just saying I have no self control, please look at poor old me.  Make sure you give no stock to those  words.  God made us in His image.  His image is not of a bad person.  

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