Collaborate without boundaries

Day 33

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This dare was one of the easier ones. My spouse and I have always spoken of our future to each other. We did talk about our future and he still sees me far away but I told him how much I value his opinion. He told me he knows and passed it off as normal. He is pushing for me to work outside the home but I can't right now homeschooling our children. My step dad called yesterday and gave me advice about something completely different and I felt God say use this for your marriage as well. He said God is always in control even in our messes we may not see how God will bless us but he is. We just have to remain faithful. I thought wow he is so right. I needed that as I was feeling a little defeated in some ways. God has been providing encouragement in so many places the past few days. I just need to rely on him. I prayed with a group last night that I would seek to follow God in the way I should and that God would complete the rest. Sometimes I forget that I am not in control and I just need to seek God.

  • Have you shown you value his input and shown unity in asking him how you could work while homeschooling?  If you haven't, maybe this would open his eyes and see how limited your time is.

    Would he be happy with you having a part time job?.  Maybe working an evening or two at a store, or working Saturdays only?  This may also give  you a chance to be around other adults and have  adult  conversations vs only having parent/child talks.  

  • Don't take  this as me saying you should or  should not work.

    The more you rely on Him and trust in Him the more  peace and comfort you have in your life.  Small problem, big God.

  • One thing that some of my friends have reminded me is that we were never really in control. God has always been in control. We sometimes deceive ourselves by thinking that we are in control, and we start making decisions without God. God is always in control, and his plans are better than ours every could be.

  • Your step-dad is wise. God uses everything for good.

    Your husband sees you far away but he still sees you. This is a long healing process and it is going to take time.

    We all try to think we are in control. Admitting that we are not is a huge step. God is in control and he will provide everything we need.

    "And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose."

    Romans 8:28

  • I have tried to find part time work but no one will hire me. I am over qualified for a small part time job and so I find myself at a loss for that. My spouse would be overjoyed because he spoke with a lawyer who said whatever she does we can take that off alimony or not at all. Win/win for him he told me as much.

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