Collaborate without boundaries

Day 30

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Wow what a journey so far. I have gone from just not wanting to my husband to leave but to a desire for God to be in his life like mine. God has shown me so much patience with my idiocy that that alone causes me to praise him more. So my spouse and I worked on our financial future as a couple. I see that as oneness because earlier he was against everything as a couple. I could say the down said is we are both members of a credit union not just one. (Which means I can have my own account) However, I see it as God is giving me freedom to follow him regardless of spouses hopes and dreams. I will give God my all regardless of how He lets my relationship with my spouse go. It is almost like a breath of fresh air that says stand for me in every way. I walked out happy and my spouse showed kindness all day. Even when he was trying to pick a fight he stepped back and did not engage further. Instead he joined me in an event for our children and laughed and smiled with me. I know putting his desires first instead of my children is where I am and above all I am seeking God's desires for me and all my relationships.

  • You see where you have been molded in this first round that will soon come to an end.  Strongly consider doing a second round.  Everyone says they get a new or different growth out of the second round.  and I haven't heard anyone say they wish they didn't do a second round.  

  • Keep up the positive thoughts. Which is easy when you think of God being right by your side. I had a lot of trouble giving up control of the finances. But like you said it God giving me more free time to spend with Him in worship and study. A blessing in disguise.

    "Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding."

    Proverbs 3:5

  • I had already decided that I am going to start over when the next 10 days are up.  I am very excited to see what God has in store.  My spouse is very scared of what might happen if he gives in to what I am showing him so that tells me that God has me right where I should be.  If God wants us to be then we will be and my spouse will be in God's heart.  Otherwise I am seeing that God wants me to love him more and less about the world.  

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