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Day 26

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Asking for forgiveness was not hard for me but he didn't want to give me and did not. That is okay because God has forgiven me and in the end I need that forgiveness so much more. We did make it to the party and yes he was very distant. I did not take it personally because I expected him to prove he was okay. However, he wants me to go away with him Saturday over night. It is a long trip so I am unsure of what is going to be said. I know I will be praying and looking to God to help. Maybe one day my spouse will forgive me but if not God has. I will be vigilant in daily dares not trying to mix them up. I usually have to read them many times over in the day. It helps to just know God is still in control. 

  • It's okay he hasn't forgiven you. Let God work on his heart. It is good he asked you to go for an overnight with him. He is your husband. Enjoy the time. I will be praying for you. Yes, you are right, God is in control.

  • When you asked for forgiveness you put that between your husband and God. Now he has to answer to God. God will work on him. Keep working on yourself to make yourself more Christlike and consider that one day you will be rewarded in heaven no matter what happens here on earth. But pray and give yourself completely over to God and God says he will answer your prayers. Only in His time though.

    "Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours."

    Mark 11:24

  • As the others said, God can convict him in not showing forgiveness.  In fact, he may really have forgiven you, but his pride won't allow him to let you know.  because he wants to show you and himself he is in control and is making the right choices. But this justification of his actions just brings further conviction upon him.

    Be the best you, you can be on this trip.  Enjoy yourself, because God is always with you.  Be at peace and have no fear.  

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