Collaborate without boundaries

Day 20

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So I read the dare and a single word jumped out to I need to trust God for all my answers not a formula but rely on God for my marriage to honor him. I prayed and a peace came over me. One I wasn't sure about but the day seemed to fly by good and bad. No my husband doesn't say I love you but God says it's okay, I gotcha.

  • You are right. Trust is a big one. Aren't you glad we can trust Him with everything. I am so glad you experienced the "peace that passes all understanding". God is good. Yes, He loves you. You are His child.

  • Like Peggy said, that peace above all understanding....the world surely doesn't know about  this peace in learning to be in God's will and trust in Him.

  • God brought me peace instantly. I was an emotional wreck for two years, maybe more but the second I submitted to God a weight left me that is indescribable. You can trust Him in everything.

    My wife doesn't say "I love you" either. Neither do I because I know she doesn't want to hear it.  I've seen her reaction in person when I do and it is difficult to deal with. I try to think that she is just hurting so bad right now that it's impossible. Maybe I should rethink this.

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