Collaborate without boundaries

Day 17

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The time I got to speak with my spouse was late in the day as he had work and practice at church.  That practice did not turn out as well as I had hoped so I waited until he was calmed down.  I listened and thought about what he was really saying and asked more questions and he told me more in a few words than in a long time.  I decided that if those things were is major problems then I would make that a top priority for me in my prayer life.  It is not what I was expecting but I know that God has a plan for us.  I think we accomplished a lot of great things last night but I am not prepared to say we are finished with all our problems.  God will get us right where he needs us and I have to be prepared. 

  • Sounds like you have a good plan. Listen to him and think and pray about what you can do for him. Trust in God always. He's the best problem solver.

  • As things get and stay better, do not get lax in your journey.  It can be easy to do.  I'm not saying be I think you'll do that, but many of us do.

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