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Day 16

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I read the dare and thought oh boy I can do this easy enough.  Well I was wrong on so many levels for this day.  I started to think about what I wanted to pray for and a thousand things came to mind but none of them were things were really his problem but mine.  So I struggled for a while and then thought well obviously I need to pray to get these things out of my life and then his will come easier.  Of course God already knew this but I prayed anyway and began to feel peace of what I was releasing and then asked God to show me what I needed to pray about with my spouse.  The ideas came easily and so I prayed about them and were sure that I could do this every day until God said to stop.  I am happy that I saw the problems in me before just attacking my husband in prayer.  It turned out the evening went a lot better than I thought.  He was in a good mood when he came home and I was happy about that, many times he is not so happy.  We enjoyed the evening together as our children had dance.  He is showing signs of friendship more and more and even a little more than friendship, he kissed me again last night and this morning.  It wasn't a passionate kiss but it was one that says I still love you.  I can see God moving in my life and know that it will impact my spouse in a positive way that will draw him closer to God.

  • Seeing all that you did in the first half of this post is huge. It makes me think now that my prayers for my wife were possibly selfish and greedy. I like how you want to pray for YOUR problems to eliminate stress from his life. That's a great way to think.

    Also God really does know what your thinking. Many of my own prayers are halted mid prayer when I realize that I'm not praying from my heart, which God sees as clear as day. I can't hide anything from Him so there is no point in praying fruitless prayers. Pray for what is in your heart.

  • That's great you saw the difference in prayer.  

    If things stay the same or continue to get better, do not slow down your journey due to becoming comfortable with the changes in him.  

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