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Day 11 turned into Day 11 and 12

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Yesterday I was to run an errand, that did not turn out at all.  I knew everything had been done for him here at the house. However, I asked him if he had errands that needed running.  He did not answer so I sad to myself that is okay God give me a happy heart to not think critically about my husband refusing to answer.  The day continued without words from him and that was okay I prayed and thought what bible study can I do otherwise that I am not immersed in at this moment.  That way I can keep my mind focused on God and not on everything else.  I found one and was happy to begin when the evening started.  My husband was fine until he decided to start an argument.  I swallowed and asked God to help and then answered his question.  He exploded but I remember the next day of the dares and told him I would do what he wanted.  I could see he relaxed a moment but then he looked at me very hard like I don't believe it for a minute.  Fast forward to when he leaves this morning.  I only started his coffee and that was it no motion to hug or even kiss him.  He was shocked and decided he could hug me and give me a little kiss on the cheek.  I was beside myself  thinking I told him I would not do that again so he would not feel awkward or that I might feel there is hope he will change his mind.  God is Amazing and I am unable to fathom all that is going on but I know that God has a bigger plan for us and I just have to stand in the fire and Praise God when all seems terrible.  I do think there will be more Day 12's in my future and I will continue to stand on God's promises and not let the devil to give me doubt.

  • I like how you said you wanted to keep your mind focused on God. That's exactly what I do. I'm expecting divorce papers in the mail any day but I will never give up hope. Honestly I want to because it would be much easier to move on without her but I know that is absolutely not what God would want so I am fighting hard to save my marriage even though it's 99.9% over. Jesus said following Him would be very difficult but ultimately more rewarding than I can imagine. Keep up the good work and show your husband that you love him unconditionally, with no expectations from him.

  • Eddie,

      We are definitely in the same boat. I am glad you liked some of my words. God has lead me to read Provwrbs, it has really opened my eyes to how to Praise God and continue to seek him.

  • Keep standing in what the dates are teaching and continue to let God do the work in him.

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