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D36- Committing to reading the Bible everyday and doing a Bible study. As I am getting closer to the end of the 40 days I have been looking for another study to pick up on after this one. I have a couple in mind, I will go to the store this weekend and buy one. 

D37-Love agrees in prayer. These 37 days have changed drastically changed my prayer life. I have learned to trust God more through it. And although I have known that there is power in prayer, I have now seen it revealed first hand in my life throughout this journey. It has amazed me the things I have prayed for that have been answered.  The only way I am able to love my ex right now is through prayer for him. When something angers me or bothers me, I have learned to turn to prayer, and then whatever it is isn't such a big deal.  I contemplated on sharing this- but I know many of you have talked about dreams in the past, so I decided to. Last night I woke up from a dream. In the dream, I was sitting in church on Sunday during the invitation. My ex came out of the sound booth behind me where he sits, came to my pew, grabbed my hand, walked to the stage and knelt and prayed for us. I have never been one to read into dreams or think they held any meaning. I kept thinking how much I would so love it if he would pray for us. In any capacity, no matter who is around or what they think or say. No matter if we haven't talked in weeks, what it would mean if he came to get me and prayed for us. When I turned to read D37 later this morning it was about prayer. What might God be telling me through this connection? 

  • Hey Mindy, God is telling you to stay faithful to His Word.  Perhaps the dream is of what to come, or maybe of what your heart desires.  Either way, stay in his Grace.  Prayers to you.

  • In prayer when we ask for wisdom we can gain it through dreams. If there is confusion, commit it to prayer. Seeking exactly what God is showing you.

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