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Day 34 and Godliness

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Yesterday was day 34, and here is it the end of today already. I have been taking my time on this one, trying to make sure I am digesting it in the correct way. The dare was to commend him on something he had demonstated Christian character in. Yesterday was also his first day at the police department, so I sent him a message to say good luck and that I was praying of him. I also told him I was proud of him for going into this line of work to serve and protect others. He said thank you. I can't expect anything more. 

The text of day 34 is moreso what I have been wrestling with. It talks about how we dont depend on God, pride and selfishness begin to take over. Anger, impatience, and thoughtlessness can be come or default. Going through this book has opened my eyes to this, I always knew these things but it helped to expose the reality in me. I see it in him too. The text talks about encouraging your spouse to grow in Christ and recognizing and celebrating that. Although we both grew up in church regularly, and we go to the same church and have very involved families, we haven't talked about our relationship with Lord very much. We have had some conversations, but never anything in depth. We briefly mentioned doing a devotional, I have always so badly wanted him to come to me and take the lead and initiative to lead our relationship in that way. When we would sit down to eat, he always said the blessing for us, and I loved that so much. He started asking me to say it and I always made him because of how much I loved to him pray with me there.  The book goes on to talk about what if your spouse is not a believer. I know, without a doubt in my mind that he believes in God and has been saved. I refuse to try and make conclusions about where he is currently in his walk with Christ, because I would not appreciate him doing that to me, and I have no place to judge. He doesn't know that my prayer time is when I shower. And I read various blogs/Bible studies and I read different scriptures on my Bible app while I have coffee at work. But I can say I have prayed on this very thing for weeks. I have prayed for so many aspects of his relationship with God and that God is working in him too. Last week when he brought the letters and books over it talked about God giving him strength to come back to a relationship. I know something has been going on, but then he turned and ran away a few days later. God surely wouldn't burden a stranger to leave him these letters and books that hit so close to what he is dealing with and then change his direction? So I have been praying that IF he is trying to do this all on his own, and IF he is shutting the door and running the other direction for any reason at all, that God break through the walls and draw him close. He is struggling with something, and although I don't know exactly what it is, I pray for that "something". 

I should have read day 35 today, and the truth is I could have made time for it. But I was still going back to this one over and over. I will do 35 tomorrow when I full day to devote to it. 

  • It's good to try to get the most out of each dare but I would encourage you to do a dare a day.  

  • There is only one thing I need to comment here. You do have a place to judge. You also have a place to hold accountable.

    As Christians we are to judge other Christians. Period! We are to hold them accountable.

    And it does seem God is working but his flesh is fighting. So leave him to the Lord. But make sure you do with love hold him accountable when you pray on it and feel God is sending you that direction.

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