Collaborate without boundaries
  • Day One

    So yesterday was day 1. The dare was to say only positive things, no negatives. Dare completed. He had a really rough commute to work yesterday morning due to circumstances beyond our control, followed by a very stressful set of events during the course...
  • Day 4

    Today, I was to call him at work and just ask how he is doing, and if there is anything I can do for him today. Calling him at work is something I RARELY do unless there is a real emergency, as it is rather inappropriate for him to receive phone calls...
  • Day 2

    Today, I was to demonstrate an act of kindness. I decided to make a certain dinner that he loves, and it was ready when he was home from work. He loved it and was such a joy preparing something I knew he would enjoy. I walked 4 miles today. It is such...
  • Day 8

    Negative list destroyed! (well, not actually set on fire...could not really find a safe place to do that) But it is destroyed, nonetheless. Jealous of my spouse? I could not really identify any areas of jealousy, though I did ask God to let me become...
  • Day 3

    Today, I was to buy him a gift of sorts. I decided to purchase the office supplies and items he needed for work -- thus saving him the hassle of having to do it on the weekend when stores are always crowded (he hates that kind of shopping). I was able...
  • Day 5

    I asked him to share what makes him irritated or uncomfortable as it concerns me.... he said that it bothers him that I get so uneasy when he is driving (with me as a passenger). His driving habits are very different from mine. He keeps less distance...
  • Day 15 (missed journaling a few days, but did the dares anyway)

    I was traveling without convenient access to electronics/wifi these past few days. I kept up the dares but did not journal them. Day 15 was to do something above my usual to show him how important he is to me. We are sharing a vehicle right now, and I...
  • Day 7

    Positive List / Negative List. The positive that I decided to thank him for was how good he is to my family. He is kind and generous to them and gladly includes them into his life. Lists made and put away for future use as described.
  • Day 18

    Make a special dinner: It is in the oven!!! I do not know what time he will be home to eat it, but eventually he will be .... But I did think ahead and prepared a meal that will "hold" well in the even he gets tied up at work past dinner time...
  • Day 6

    Adding Margin. I've done a pretty good job of cutting out some no-value-added things from my life already. One area I really want to focus on, however, is protecting my evening and weekend time with my husband. It is easy, and even enjoyable, to spend...
  • Day 17

    Protecting Secrets: In our professions, confidentiality is of utmost importance. On a personal level, privacy is also of great importance. I do protect his professional and personal privacy and "secrets"as the love dare refers to them. He could...
  • Day 16

    Pray for 3 specific areas in his life: I pray for him to have discernment, contentment, and joy.
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