Negative list destroyed!  (well, not actually set on fire...could not really find a safe place to do that) But it is destroyed, nonetheless.  Jealous of my spouse?  I could not really identify any areas of jealousy, though I did ask God to let me become aware if there are any areas of jealousy.  I guess I am "pseudo-jealous" of how quickly he can fall asleep.  I felt relieved to destroy the negative list because it didn't feel good writing negative things about him, and I would have been horrified had he seen it! It would have made him feel hurt and betrayed.  In fact, I'm not sure it was really worth taking that risk, had he misinterpreted such a thing.  At any rate, glad its gone.  God doesn't keep a list of our faults and wrongdoings.  "Blessed in the man whose sin the Lord never counts against him!"