Collaborate without boundaries

Day 5

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I asked him to share what makes him irritated or uncomfortable as it concerns me.... he said that it bothers him that I get so uneasy when he is driving (with me as a passenger).  His driving habits are very different from mine.  He keeps less distance from the car in front of us, drives faster than I would, and does a little sight-seeing along the way. It makes me feel like I have to be the one paying attention.   It does make me a nervous passenger.  And that makes him uncomfortable/irritated.  So I have decided to really make an effort to relax about all of that.  I found that if I distract myself with reading, or just generally try not to focus so much on it, everything will be fine.  We have a safe vehicle and it has all of those annoying "reminders" that someone in front is stopping, etc... I can just let the car do its thing...

  • He may be doing extra sight seeing in response to your reaction t his driving, just to prove to you that he is fine driving the way he is. If you do settle down when riding with him, you may notice he doesn't sight see as much.

    Reading may distract you, but make sure it doesn't appear to be rude to him.  He may take it as if you are not interested in being with him and you are ignoring him.

  • Thank you Tim.  Point well taken, and you are exactly right.

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