Collaborate without boundaries

Day 4

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Today, I was to call him at work and just ask how he is doing, and if there is anything I can do for him today.  Calling him at work is something I RARELY do unless there is a real emergency, as it is rather inappropriate for him to receive phone calls at work (in his line of work).  However, I did, and caught him at just right time.  He was excited to her from me during the day, thanked me for checking on him.  The only thing he could think to do was to ask me to pick up a "clip board" for him (haha!!!  ok!).... So I'll definitely do that (what a strange / easy request :)

Walked 4 miles again today!  We will watch the grandkids run track this afternoon, then enjoy our evening.

  • The little things are usually the most important. My kids told me their mom said her boyfriend is so sweet because he filled her car up with gas. I was upset because I filled her car up with gas weekly. I've never seen her use a gas pump in twenty years. It was upsetting to hear her brag about him for something she knows I also used to do but I'm sure she did many things for me that I never recognized. I should have appreciated the little things.

  • God may very well opened the door for this dare to work the way it did.  By it being good timing for him to get a call from you since he doesn't often get personal calls at work.  Thank God for how the dare went.  Enjoy his nice response, but let God know you enjoy Him so much more.

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