Collaborate without boundaries

Day 2

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Today, I was to demonstrate an act of kindness.  I decided to make a certain dinner that he loves, and it was ready when he was home from work.  He loved it and was such a joy preparing something I knew he would enjoy.

I walked 4 miles today.  It is such an enjoyment living in an environment where I can safely get out and walk for exercise! 


  • Yea definitely work on your physical self throughout this. Time flies even when you're not having fun so you want to get the most out of the time you have.

  • now, when a not so much enjoyable chore comes up that you need or should do for him, or even can do for him even though it doesn't fall under your responsibility, when you do it, find joy in doing it, for Christ's sake.  Especially if he will not realize you did it for him.

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