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Day 30 unity

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I havent posted in a few days I have had a lot going on. I found out that my mom may have ovarian cancer. When I called him when I found out of course he did not answer but then I texted him and he he said oh I hope its not cancer. That was all my husband said to me, nothing else. I have been praying about my mom becuase she is not a very religious person and I know she is scared so I have been praying that God can guide us thru this.  Then we have been having problems with the truck AGAIN and it is stressing me out because I cannot save money at all.  He is being very quiet not saying much to me he has been going out more and staying out late. Today I was getting a manicure and he showed up at the nail shop with our daughter and the three of us had lunch together something we have not done in a long time. He doesnt speak to me much and it makes me wonder if we will ever laugh together again and have fun again or just be able to be alone together again and be normal. I see him laughing and joking with other people and always texting on his phone and find myself wishing he would talk to me like that. Today I am praying for unity in our marriage and for us to learn how to communicate again and to be able to be normal and laugh and joke and just be able to have our relationship back.  I know its alot to pray for but there is so much going on that I wish my husband was here I know he is in body but not in spirit and sometimes I really miss him and us...

  • Keep being grateful he is coming home, and that he even acknowledged your mom's illness, and that he showed up at the manicure and shared time and lunch with you.    I know it feels so far from ever being close to normal, but keep in comfort under Christ.  And really, do not lean on feeling you need him to become the husband and dad he should be.  

    All this will serve purpose.  Trust Him that it will.  When it feels most futile, sometimes it is just our flesh or evil fooling us to make it look even worse than it is.  And sometimes God keeps the sign of hope that things will change with the marriage just to give us additional growth in Him.

  • the amount of despair we feel in a trial is in proportion to the lack of trust we have in Christ.  I am not saying you are anywhere close to despair, that wasn't my point.  

    in this trial, there really isn't anything new to boost a person.  It is the fundamentals....Faith, hope, placing Christ above our problems, and trusting in His timing while we are still.  And then in the endurance in faith that we gain, we know we will be ok no matter what happens.

    Just think, if this trial ends tomorrow, be a d or he says he is now committed to the marriage, you would look back and think, why did I worry or get frustrated?  God covered everything for me even in the worse times.  So, try to always be in peace and joy no matter your husband's words, lack of speaking to you, or his actions.  Be still, be in peace, and keep in thanksgiving to God.

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