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Day 25, not sure what else to forgive him for

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Today I am supposed to forgive him for things I havent forgiven him for...I feel like I have been doing these dares for so long that I have forgiven him for almost everything. I guess I will choose to forgive him for how he behaves towards me so cold and distant.  I will choose to forgive him and pray that he will one day seek a relationship with God that will show him this is not how you are supposed to treat your wife or anyone for that matter. There are so many things that I am sure I am skipping over but this is one big thing that still gets to me all the time and that is how cold and distant he is to me. After our little exchange last nite he came home around 9 p.mand of course did not speak to me at all, which is his usual behavior.  Then today of course there was not any real interaction.  Our daughter was throwing a fit when he came home about wanting to go to the trampoline park and he gave into her and took her and my son.  I asked him not to give in to her and he said she is the baby and I can if I choose to.  It makes her throw fits with me so I will have to pray about this. Sometimes I think he does things like this so he can look like a fun loving single dad and be appealing to other women.  Today I will choose to forgive him for this behavior as well even though I dont agree with it.  Dare complete I am choosing to forgive him for his coldness and the way he gives into our daughter causing her to throw fits when I choose not to.  Praying.

  • He may be doing it exactly for the reasons you speculate but love believes the best.  I think that is great thing to forgive him for but maybe just general forgiveness for hurting you.  How many times you repeated yourself I can tell that this is an area on contention in your life and I hope that you will be able to forgive him.  And, forgiveness doesn't mean you let them walk all over you.  If you can talk about it in a peaceful manner without getting visibly upset then you should try.  If you cannot do it without getting visibly upset then continue to pray for that forgiveness.

    The depth of our love is defined by the breadth of our forgiveness.

  • He may be taking her to the park just to be the good parent.  So he can look good in her eyes and also try to make you look like the bad guy.  The spouses, when they neglect their parental duties will occassionally come around and then do only the fun things with the kids.  But continue not to do the responsible, parental things.  

  • This isn't a poke at you Sunny from a previous entry.  LOL.  But if you choose to talk to him, I think he is not ready to hear you.  and will just say not now Michelle, I don't want to hear you.  And he will look at it as you trying to control him and he will put his foot down even harder.

    But i am often wrong, so as always, pray about if you should consider anything any of us say.  

    IN the past many would have said you are still doing the dares, any more is you trying to take control.  

  • And I am saying something now you already know.  and I am just repeating everything all over again.  But, keep putting Christ first above the hurts and the indifferences he is showing you.

    This is a time of endurance building.  And getting in the practice of being consistent in your actions reflecting Christ always.  Trust God's timing in all of this.  

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