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Day 24

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I wasnt going to post today with it being Easter sunday I was going to spend the day going to church and doing lots of praying but I decided to post becuase it is my way of venting. Yesterday did not get much better.  Last nite I texted him twice from work to check on the kids and of course he did not respond at all.  Last nite at work one of the bar regulars would not leave and he has been trying to get me to go out with him even though he knows I am married he is married too but he is never home and he likes to sit at the bar and talk to all of us that work there it is not just me.  Anyway last nite he was having a worse nite than usual and he would not leave me alone an when I walked to my car he followed me out there and was talking to me and just kept on talking and had his hand on the top of my door. I was starting to not feel very safe and I was trying to not be really rude because he came to the bar drunk already and would not leave even after I said that I was not going to give him anything to drink.  Well I ended up texting my husband asking him to come get me. He took awhile to answer me back and said what is wrong with the truck. I told him nothing and that I needed him to come becuase I had this guy that would not leave. He finally responded and said ok and showed up about ten minutes later he just pulled up beside me and looked at me and the guy but did not say anything. The guy was like oh is this your husband and tried to introduce himself and my husband just looked at him and said lets go and rolled up his window. So the guy said oh ok you guys go do your thing and he walked to his car. Of course my husband did not say a word when we got home but thismorning he sent me text saying you looked like you were having fun last nite with your little friend I dont know why you called me, its cool though you can do whatever you want. This bothered me because he mad it seem like I was trying to do something with this guy when I clearly felt very uncomfortable in the situatuion and was grateful he came to get me. I said this to him and he said its ok you can do what you want to. I sent him a text back asking him to please stop believing the worst when it comes to me and him and that we have to both be committed to making this work and that we both have to believe the best and that I love him and that I wish he would try to look at me and things differently.  Tonight when he got home he changed clothes and got his hair clippers and was about to leave the house and I said to him please take my text from earlier today seriously and he didnt say anything I touched his arm and asked him to stop so we could talk and he said no you had enough talking last nite you could have lett on your own so I dont have anything to say to you now.  I am so confused by how he is being in this situation it does not make sense at all.  I am not interested in this guy.  I just want us to be able to talk and communicate and get past all this and he will not budge....

  • That is him just trying to justify his own actions and decisions.  Stay your course and keep your focus on the Lord.  Praise God that your husband came to rescue you.  Praise God that you were able to talk at him.  Regardless if he responds or not you can plant seeds and water the garden of his heart.  Be diligent to remain faithful in Christ, He is the one that can change hearts, not you, not me, not Tim (sorry bud).  When you don't see God working in your timeline then that is a good sign that you are not trusting in Him.  Same thing when you get worried or have anxiety about a situation, you aren't trusting in Him.

    The trials in your life build endurance in one way or the next so make sure that as you go through them your focus is entirely on the Lord.  The secret to a tightrope walkers ability to cross the rope without falling over is they don't look at where they are going or where they have been, they focus on a single point ahead of them and move slowly towards that point without changing their focus.  Keep your focus on Jesus.

  • He's using every situation to justify himself and his actions.  If you have a guy that is harassing you, he will blame you and make you look like the bad guy.  If you are to sick to make a meal for the family, he will use that against you.  Let him keep throwing rocks in the way he acts.  And Christ will lessen the blows he is hurling at you.  

    As Sunny, said, thank God he cared to come to the restaurant to come to your aid.  Enjoy that part of the night of being rescued even though he may not have acted concerned.  And then let God you enjoy all the more when He rescues you from everything.  And then just forget the accusations he used to justify himself.

  • I know you weren't saying anything negative Sunny.  Just pointing I agree none  of us can take any credit, because it all comes from God.  But I hope that I am not ever coming across in the wrong way or in the wrong light.  

  • Oh no,,,,that was just me teasing you =)

  • LOL.  I was thinking so, but I think I was/am a bit loopy with taking some sinus medication.  I feel duller witted than normal.  

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