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Day 22....dare complete

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Today I am to choose to love my spouse period.  This is a dare that was needed today.  He did not get home until 2 am last nite and when he came in the house he was so loud like he wanted me to hear him. I woke up and went to the kitchen where he was and he was looking at me like strange and then he said oh let me guess you have something to say about what time I came home. I said no I dont, he siad yeah right real sarcastic like so I said to him what is your problem for real you act like I'm so horrible and like you are miserable. I said to him what are you planning to do exactly are you planning on leaving and he said does it look like I plan on it I said I dont know anymore when it comes to you.  He had on so much cologne I coudl smell it across the room.  He just kept looking at me like he wanted me to cause an arguement so I just said you know what no matter what I choose to love you and turned and walked away so I did my dare without even knowing it. This morning when I was going to get in the truck I could see in his car window and he had a bookbag stuffed with clothes and some movie tickets on the seat so maybe he was on a date and was planning to spend the nite and it didnt go that way. I know I am supposed to believe the best, but he makes himself look like hes doing something. I am reallyu trying to not feel anything rite now but love for him and its kind of hard rite now becuase he is doing things like he used to do before the staying out late, the looking like hes been with a woman (extra cologne, new clothes etc)  this happened last year around the same time. I guess maybe I am crazy for sticking by him, but i am trying to do what is rite and not what the world would want me to do. I ust wish sometimes I could get a strait answer from him.....

  • He is wanting a reaction.  You gave it to him.  Next time he walks in the house late and you wake up from his noise, just say a prayer thanking God he is home, turn over, and sleep in peace.  And this way you will not bombard him with the things you said to him.  but it was good saying what you said that completed the dare.

    Was Jesus, who has all the power to do anything crazy for accepting the whip and spikes and thorns?  If he wasn't crazy for accepting, then you aren't crazy accepting your backward husband.  (accepting him does not mean you agree with how he is acting.  it means you are leaving all of the mess for God to handle.

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