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Love is not jealous

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Well todays dare is perfect timing yet again. This morning I got up and burned my list of negatives about my spouse.  The next few days I am going to have to try to remember the words of tofays dare.  Yesterday was a little rough because comunication went back to none and he was out late last nite. I know that he and his club are getting ready for this party that is saturday so I am thinking he was with them.  I'm putting my focus today on trying to not be jealous of the things that take him away from us and the house which would be his bike club of course. I am going to pray that God can help me focus on something else. I will be praying and reading the bible as well as working both my jobs. I know that God knows my heart and he is in control and that he will help me be anxious for nothing and if I focus on God the way I should I will fear nothing. I am pretty sure his attitude will be extra nasty because he will be trying to justify in his mind any behavior this weekend that is not going to be good.  I'm going to pray about me going to this party and hope that God shows me what to do.  Today I am going to make sure that I only do my dare for the day and noting more because when I do more I am disappointed and I am not going to have any expectations of my husband the whole weekend, If I even see him at all. 

  • Remember there are times that are justifiable to be jealous.

    And if you do not see him this weekend at all, remember what you said about being anxious for nothing and to fear nothing with God on your side.  And then just enjoy the weekend when you are home, knowing you do not have to deal with the shards of glass you can feel in the air when he is home and in a foul mood.  Just enjoy the peace and thank God for HIs peace.  

  • I agree with Tim.  I don't think it is wrong to be jealous of the things that take him from you and your home.  I believe what this means is when we are jealous of achievements or when we see God bless them.  I may be wrong in this, but I just don't see God blessing husbands and wives who treat their spouses like expendable commodities.  I am jealous of any woman my husband may give the attention that God says is mine because whether we are divorced or not, I am still his wife in God's eyes!  When I feel that kind of jealousy, I don't let it consume me, though, but instead it drives me to pray for my husband....drives me to ask God to hedge his way with thorns and wall him in so he can't overtake his lovers or find them when he seeks for them.  I ask God to set a boundary no other woman can cross, because he is my husband!  I believe it is ok to feel jealous of people or things that take his focus from his family and God, just don't let it lead you to sin, in that you don't allow it to cause you to make a decision or choice that isn't God's will for you.  Someone please correct me if I'm wrong.

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