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Day 5 dare complete

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Well update. Last nite he came home in a extra good mood he was on the phone with his best friend shawn the one who always seems to tell me things I should not know, they were on the phone talking about his bike, because once again his bike is broke and this is the one he is making payments on and then yesterday the caliper on the truck went out so that has to be fixed as well. He was out in the garage for a long time on the phone with him and I heard him come in in the middle of the nite.  This morning he initiated sex which he as not done in a few weeks and I drove hi car to work. We had to communicate a little during the day about the truck he was texting me mostly about it and when we are going to take it to the shop to be fixed. I came home from work and he was dressed in another new shirt and hat and said that he was going to his sons soccer game. I did not ask he told me. Then we had a few minute conversation about the truck again and since he was in sort of a decent mood I decided to ask him my dare questions.  I asked him nicely I said I would like to know three things that I do that make you irritated or uncomfortable, he looked at me and said why do u always have to start here we were having a decent conversation and here you go, that is what irritates me, you dont do what I say I told you before I dont want to talk about us and you always still try to make me talk, then he walked out the door.  I tried I completed my dare. Now I will sit back tonight while he is gone and try to enjoy the peace and pray for a better day tomorrow as far as our communication goes. 

  • Your dare was a success.  You asked, in person, and did not manipulate the dare to make it easier.  

    What made it even more successful is you probably new the outcome and chose to do it anyway.  I am sure in your mind you were thinking, he's in a good mood, why ask and ruin this good moment.  But you chose to follow Christ and ask.  

    There will be a time when he has let go of holding the wall up and will settle down and either just grunt when you ask or complain just a little about the question, or actually answer the question.  

    YOu have stood up along with Christ to His wall of seclusion and derogatory talk, do not stall or walk backward now.  

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