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Day 2...

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Last night started rough for me, but as the night went on and I settlee down and prayed and realized that spending the time with the kids was so much more important than what he mite be doing I settled down and found peace.  The kids and I had a great time, however our daughter was a little upset that he was not there with us she asked me where he went and I told her to a bike thing. She told her mom about it and then her mom texted me and asked if he was going to be around all weekend or was he going to ignore her, I replied I'm not sure his plans for the weekend. Well this morning she texted us both and said that she was going to come pick her up because she was upset that he was not spending time with her. He of course went into the room and talked her out of going. I dont even know what time he got home last nite, I have stopped staying up and wondering. He slept on the couch of course which I knew he probably would. Today I had a car wash with the social club and I got up and got ready and made breakfast for everyone and then when I was leaving the girls wanted to come with me so I took them. He of course showed up to the carwash because all the bike clubs usually come and he made quite an entrance he ahd on a brand new outfit and new shoes and the watch again.  He came and was giving everyone hugs which is how they all greet each other and he didnt hug me, our 4 year old said daddy you have to hug mommy so of course he did then. I told him you look nice and then I did not talk to him the rest of the time unless he spoke to me. I caught him a few times glancing my way, I kept on doing what he was doing. When we left he took the girls to the mall and I came home to get ready for work and I took a nap and when I woke up I had anxiety something I have not had in awhile. I know it is because I am letting my feelings get the best of me and am worried about him leaving again and the future of our marriage. I have to stop, pray and be still and let God be in control. That is the only way I am going to find peace.  I'm not sure what is going on with me lately where I have been letting my feelings take control and it is like I am so worried about what he does and all the stuff he is buying and I have to stop that.  My act of indness for him today is I did a load of his laundry while I was home, to help him because he had a lot piling up. This was the best I could do for my kindness so I would not go overboard and do more thana  dare. I guess I could have used breakfast this morning as my kindness too. 

  • Sometimes i think when things may be working for the better, or when God is making some progress in us our our spouse, even if it is not evident to us, that is when evil notices and strikes harder.  because evil does not want to see any of us advance in our marriage or our path toward Christ.  Maybe this is why emotion is getting the better of you at times.

    Lead your heart in patience and trusting Christ to shield evil away from you and him and the marriage.

    don't worry about his big enterances and hugs to everyone other than you.  He can't hug you right now.  It would in his mind show weakness in him.

  • But really, all it shows is how he is weak.  The more a person is in the flesh/world, the weaker he is.

  • Michelle, I just want to commend you and encourage you. I've been reading through other people's posts, and I am extremely encouraged by your humility and patience. I don't know where you two stand right now, but God is certainly honored by your obedience. Remember how many times we stray from God and yet He's right there waiting to hold us in His embrace again? The same applies to our spouses. Keep fighting the good fight of faith. Believe me, I've certainly fallen short, but your testimony is amazing.

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