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Day 40 love is a covenant....todays our anniversary

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Today I woke up without any expectations from my husband. I already know that he does not want to celebrate our anniversary and he has been extra cold this week.  Today is a pretty appropriate dare for the day. I will rewrite my vows today as I have done many times before through these rounds of dares. I went into the bedroom early this morning and gave him a hug while he was asleep and left his gift on the nitestand. He woke up and said I told you not to get me anything. I said nicely, I had already gotten this before you said that to me and I cannot return it because it is personalized. He looked at me and said well I'm not going to open it I dont want anything from you. I got my work clothes and quietly walked out of the room. Not going to pretend this was not hurtful, but I cant change how he feels. I am going to do my best to just go to work and to not focus on anything. I am not going to go on fb because I know a lot of memories will pop up. I will not contact him at all today even though there a ton of things I want to say to him. I am going to do my very best to focus on myself and keep my focus on God, but not going to lie, I have been dreading today and I'm emotional.  Prayers please I'm going to need it to get thru today.  It hurts so bad that our lives have come to this....

  • Sending up prayer arrows for you.  Take a moment and find a little joy (and maybe even a small smile) that on this anniversary you are honoring your vows...for better or for worse.  And while it is worse right now - you stand bathed in God's glorious light.  Proud of you!

  • My anniversary was last week.  The next day got an solicitation for a divorce attorney and then was served on Saturday.  

    I don't know if she was even effected by what day it was.  she could be off enjoying her single life with her new boyfriend, or maybe God convicted her.  I don't know.  I don't care much either.  I don't want to really know the answer.

    All I can do is turn my attention to Jesus Christ and be a better person.  I've changed, the man she left no longer exists.  The person whom I knew as my wife no longer exists.  My wife would never have done the things she did.  So when she chose to not be my wife anymore is when she changed.

    I will pray for you, as I did last night at 9 PM Eastern.  I always pray for God's will in each of our lives.  I pray that he brings peace and joy to everyone here.

  • Sorry meant two weeks ago.

  • I prayed too Snaz.  

    Michelle, you have probably noticed how days or weeks before a big holiday or anniversary, your spouse gets a little extra cold or mean.  It is just their way of proving to themselves and trying to prove to you they are not caving in.  but as they try to toughen up they get hit with what they are trying to escape.  God's conviction.  

    You chose not to react even though emotions and the flesh I am sure wanted to.    That's good.  

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