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Day 40 Love is a covenant 2nd post

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This morning after I wrote my initial journal entry I went outside to find a gift bag in the front seat, he had bought me pair of sunglasses and a car phone charger system that also works as a blue tooth for phone calls and radio, not the kind of gifts he would usually buy me, but I was surprised to see it. I praised God that my husband in his way was acknowledging me today, even though he was so hateful when I gave him my gift this morning. On the way to work  I got a tect from him saying dont go posting all this anniversary stuff.  I am blocked from his facebook so he must still look at mine from time to time. My first thought was to respond to this, but I stopped, prayed and decided it did not deserve a response. Suprisingy today I have been calmer than I thought I would be, I am finding peace in the fact that even though we are not the way we were, we are still married and he is still in the same house, for whatever reason he still comes home every nite and is still at the house. Over the past year I have grown a lot in my journey with God and have changed for the better. Of course I would have loved for today to have been a happier day, but that is not reality and this is my reality for now, we live like roomates, sleep in seperate rooms and talk only when necessary, however it could be so much worse, so today I am believing the best and am praising God for the work that he has done in me and praising him that I still have things to be thankful for. I have written my vows as the dare states and will leave it in the bedroom hopefully for my husband to see. He still has not opened his watch and card, but I am not going to push the issue, If he never opens it at least I know I gave the gift in love.  I will be praying tonight. I have a lot to be thankful for and am trying to remain positive even though things have not changed a whole lot. 

  • It is funny.  Each time he sees his unopened gift, it will hit him that you showed kindness and he showed coldness.  Even if he doesn't really understand that, it is a way for Christ to work in Him.

    Next time he says dont post something.  Maybe this is just me and not the best way to answer, but you could say, out of respect for your feelings, I wasn't planning on it.  In a kind voice.  

    It is great you felt at peace and were calm throughout the day.  but would you have been in as much peace if he didn't get you anything?  I will answer for me and I will have to admit, the present would have bumped my peace up a few notches.  But, give thanksgiving to God for the gift and let Him know you enjoy Him so much more than any present or anything your husband can ever do for you.  And I know you already do that.

  • Tim Im sure the fact that he did get me something helped with the peace a little, it made me at least grateful that he thought of me and did not ignore me totally which of course in my mind would have said that he didnt want to be married blah blah, he still may feel this way, he may have only did it to keep my mouth shut in a way, who knows, but I am trying to keep my focus directed towards God and trying to get my comfort in these situations from God....its not always easy but I'm trying.

  • The trying is what counts.  It is natural to find peace and comfort in a kind thing our spouses do.  

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