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Day 31 conquering the leaving issue

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Well today was not such a good one in my eyes. Me and the kids are all sick with fevers and we stayed home from school and work today. Yesterday my husband picked up his car from being painted and came strait home and started doing more stuff to it. He is like a kid that way he can never wait and wastes all kinds of money on silly stuff, but I did not say a word to him because that was "his" money as he so kindly informed me days ago and "his" car.  So this morning out of the blue he sent me a text out of the blue saying dont buy me anything for the 23...that was it nothing else but it was enough to send me into an emotional tailspin today.  The 23rd of this month is our 4 year wedding anniversary and of course to me this means that he does not want to be married.  
I sent him a text back saying why do u have to say such mean things then i proceeded to send him a couple more text asking him what he wants to do as far as our marriage is concerned becuase he dodges the questions all the time.  Of course no response at all. I have asked him on numerous occasions if he wanted a divorce and he never responds. I am supposed to be going to his bike club party at the end of this month to support what he likes but now I dont think so. I may just not feel good today and am overly emotional but he acts like I have no feelings.  I dont understand how a person can treat someone like this for almost a year.  

  • MIchelle, you are looking to him for comfort, and Christ second.  You are asking him a lot what he wants for the marriage, and if he wants a d.  

    Why are you asking such things?  Do those questions build unity, or offer a chance for division?  You know he isn't ready to say, OK Michelle, I cave in now and I will let my wall down and swallow my pride.  

    You ask and he doesn't respond.  Thank God for that.  And he asks and you also don't respond.  Hasn't he asked you numerous times to give him space and not start with those types of questions?  

    Even if you give him space for a month, and then ask him a question like these, it's like you took two weeks away from the month of space.  You are delaying the process.

  • Him saying not to give you anything is his little way of following his flesh.  and get a reaction from you.  And it worked.  You reacted and followed your emotions.

    I know it is difficult.  I know it can be brutal.  But really go back to seeking comfort from Christ above your husband.  You have done it before.  Go back to that.  You will feel better and he will see you are giving him space.  

  • I am with Tim.  He could havr not said anything at all.  Instead he chose to take.time to text you to tell you not to get him anything.  I will pass some good advice on to you that some keep reminding me of...cling to Christ.  He is there and he knows how we feel.  

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