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Day 28...havent posted in awhile

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Today is day 28 Love makes sacrifices.  I have not been on for awhile, I have really been focusing on my kids and my daily prayers and praise to God.  I have started to read during my lunch breaks at work using this time away from everyone at work and in my life as a quiet time with me and God. I read bible scriptures or watch sermons from my favorite pastor on my phone. I have been using this time to help strengthen my communication with God. Things with my husband are still the way they have been.  I have been doing my dares and still praying for Gods will in his life and also praising and thanking God that he is still at home. He decided on feb 25 to sell his broken down truck and bike so he could use the money to get a used car. He did that and then taxes started to come in and he deicded that he wanted to go out an get another vehicle with a payment. I was trying not to say anything about how he used the money he got for the truck and bike but when he said that I made the comment dont you thing that would be putting us in a bad spot we are having a hard time already financially and he responded with I dont know why I tell you anything all you do is try to tell me what to do. He ended up not doing it but he has been spending the money on crazy things like painting the car and buying speakers and just stupid things. I am picking my battles.  He still stays in the room a lot but has started to come out in the living room a little more. He still does not show any affection and is very easily aggravated by me.  I can say the smallest thing and he gets an attitude. I have thanked God many times for him still being at home becuase he could have taken the money and got an apartment or he could be staying other places now that he has a car and a bike. Today I am choosing to sacrifice my opinions about what he decides to do with the money that is his, I am refraining from saying anything and continuing to just save the money I make to get to a more stable place financially. I am choosing to only respond in a loving way no matter how much I dont agree or understand his decision.  He will be the one to have to deal with what he does. We usually have the most tension when I question him about what he is doing or wants to do. 

  • As far as saying it is his money, that may be the way he thinks, but it is your money as well.  When married, it isn't his or your's it's the both of yours.  

    But, he will fight that and it will bring tension when you question or suggest what to do.  

    You have made it this long with Christ through all his anger, harsh words, and foolish lifestyle.  So, keep in Christ and continue.  The longer you stay consistent in the dares, the more Christ works in him, and the harder it is for him to continue the path he thinks is the best path for him.

    Love always wins, Christ's will outshines his flesh's will.

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