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Day 9 greeting me spouse with love..

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Today is day 9....again.  I am supposed to find a way to greet my spouse with love, I have been doing this everyday since round one.  Last nite he went to a bike party like I thought he was going to when he got so mad about me asking him why he had his little bag.  He didnt come home until 2:30 am he snuck in quietly, usually he is loud.  He must know that I knew what he was up to because I was actually in our bed sleeping, I did this on purpose because he was not home.  He must have also known that my parents were not happy about having to watch the kids, due to our conversation we had last Saturday about him being home when i am at work, which is probably why he was so defenesive yesterday morning when I asked him if he was going someplace afte rwork, he lied and said he was going to have to be at work because a shift leader was closing, little does he know that I have seen his work schedule on his dresser and that was not true.  I dont understand why he has to continue to lie and put this bike club as a priority.  Its a shame that a grown man has to act like that. I never lie to him.  I didnt say anything to him last nite even though I was awake when he came in,  This morning I did not get up when he did like I usually do, but I did see a flyer that he left on the couch advertising another party coming up.  I will continue to pray about this because this is one of the biggest issues we have. I try to support it but when you have to lie because you know you should be doing what you told your wife you would do then I have a problem with it.  Today when I see him I will greet him the way I always do which is nice and happy and loving and see what happens from there. I want to try to sleep in my bed again tonight but I know that will cause a major uproar with him so I will have to pray about that. 

  • If you slept in your bed, don't do it only to find out what time he comes home.  

    even when he leaves his work schedule out, don't look at it.  It is just one more source of potential doubt and hurt to affect you.  

    it is your bed.  You should be able to sleep in it if you want.  If he chooses not to sleep with you it should be on him to move out of the bed.  But a precedent has been set of you not sleeping in the bed, and that will make it potentially harder to move back to sleeping in your bed.

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