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Day 6 making my list

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Well I made it thru Valentines day peacefully with my husband.  He worked pretty late and when he got home I had dinner in the fridge for him I did not get him anything special I just made him a plate of what the kids and I had.  I had his gift ( a superbowl hat) and a card on the dresser.  I dont think he was going to open itbut ur daughter kept saying daddy open your present from mommy so finally he let her open it and he was giving me a mean look the whole time because he hadtexted me the nite before that he did not want anything from me but I had already gotten it.  He did not open his card but I did not say anything about it. I wentout to the kitchen and he had a card for me on the table, a basic happy valentines day card, he didnt sign it love he just put his name. I cried a little he did notsee it but it made me happy and sad that he thought of me.  I thanked God for the smal victories in our life, the fact he is still at home. Today I am maiking mylist of things in our relationship again that I need to improve on.  Things that still bother me but that I need to react to in love not irritation. The one big thing thatstill irritates me more than anything is the seperate room thing and him being so distant all the time.  I have to continue to react in a loving way and not show my irritation no matter how hard it is. I know that I have grown so much as a person in this journey, but I still have a long way to go.  I find it hard some days to pray because I dont even know what to pray for anymore, I try to praise God more than anything and let him do his work.  There have been so many things in our life together that have changed and we have faced a lot of obstacles this past year, but I'm grateful we are still married at least.  I have noticed my list is getting shorter when I make it because I have learned to act and respond so much differently than before. Its still a process, but I'm working on it.  

  • It is kind of funny how he thinks he has to make that mean face.  It's like our spouses are little kids that have to show us they are tough guys.  But he doesn't realize, you are the tough guy, because you have Christ right there in your corner.  And he also doesn't know how weak he really is.  Standing on his own two feet he has only to connections to the ground.  Where your foundation in Christ is limitless.  

    It is good you continue to thank Him.

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