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Day39 Round 5 love endures...

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I havent been on here in a few days because I have been so busy working and trying to get money together and praying.  Things with my husband are essentially the same, but as we all know with him when things get real bad he starts to slowly soften up a little and will speak to me here and there. I'm struggling today with the thoughts that he mite have a girlfriend out of town. Super bowl Sunday he told me he was going to go to charlotte with his bike club for a "ride"  He was gone all day and got home rite before the game started which was unual because he is a huge patriots fan.  I worked all weekend picked up extra shifts and everything so that we could pay rent and have some food in the house. We watched the game together and he was talking to me a little bit here and there and then we took the truck that nite to drop it off at the repair shop because they needed to work on the engine.  This week he has had to take me to work on his motorcycle and I'm sure that he hates this because of the togetherness and me being so close to him.  He has called me a few times at work to let me know various things about our insurance company refunding some of the money they took out of the bank and updates on the truck, even sounding a little happy as he calls me. Well tonight he sent me at text message before he came home saying that he is going to Charlotte again this weekend for a basketball game. Now we have zero extra money so I asked him how much he would need for a ticket, he never answered so when he came home I asked him again and he said he didnt need any money becuase "they" got his ticket, I said who the guys?? He looked at me kind of funny and said yea yeah the guys so I asked are you riding bikes there and he said yea why would we not.  This all made me want to question him more and he picked up on that because he said to me dont start your mess stop with the questions just forget it I wont go I dont want to hear your mouth, dont talk to me about anything.  I got up from the chair and went into our daughters room and immediately started praying for God to help me believe the best and to not let the enemy make me jump to conclusions,.  He has not spoken to me the rest of the nite and did not eat dinner and has locked himself in the room. I'm trying to believe the best and trying to pray through how i'm feeling. Tonight I will write my letter and hope for the best tomorrow when he has to take me to work. I think all the stress of the truck and the money and everything is making me more emotional....

  • Keep remembering love believes the best.  And that if God wants you to know something, you will know.  Leave it at that and remove those thoughts about someone else with prayer, like you do.  

    85% of what we worry about never happens, 10% we blow way out of proportion, and the 5% we trust God, forgive, and continue to love unconditionally.

  • I agree with, Tim. It is difficult to see the "best" in our spouse if they are acting all mean and cranky but so do we with God (especially if we dont get what we want) right? by asking these questions (as commented in one on my posts) we allow the enemy to have a foothold in our minds.

    I am glad your response was to keep yourself from saying anyword and just go to your room and pray. I have to remember doing that "always".

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