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The past few days have been ok, he has actually been communicating a little, saying a few words here and there nothing major.  Yesterday the truck started to act funny the one we are making payments on and he called me at work to tell me about it and today i had to stay home because my mom was sick and could not watch our daughter so I tried to take the truck to the service dept but they were busy.  I am praying that this truck does not break down on us its all we have besides his motorcycle.  We went to his job for lunch to see him  and he was nice and pretty talkative which was a little shocking.  Well then the bomb dropped. I checked the bank account and the insurance he has on the bike automatic drafted 700 dollars out of our account which causes some major issues with the bills we have coming out and when I told him he of course got mad at me and said that I told him that we had money in savings and I told him yes we did have money in savings but he used half of it to get the bike and I had to use the other half to get his medical supplies this week because we were short, i had intentions on putting it back in but not these overdrafts are going to cause an issue with this.  He said u know what I dont want to hear it you have messed up again and hung up the phone.  I planned on doing this dare when he came home tonight, but its looking like he is not coming home, he is usually here by now.  I'm praying and praying that God can guide me thru this and that I can get our finances back on track. I know one of the big issues he has with me is he feels like I dont handle the bills well, however he will not take them over so I am stuck.  I dont even know what to pray at this point....

  • Thank God for the increase in communication for those moments. He knows he softened up a little, so he  chooses to show he is still hardened when he gets an opportunity, such as finding out about the finances.

    He know he is the source of the problem with buying the bike, but chooses to push it all on you.  

    It may not be the best time right now to bring this up, but when things reconcile or he is more open, ask him if you can work on the finances together.  Or at least show him periodically what is in the accounts, what has been paid, and what bills are still coming up for the month.  the finances should be a joint effort.  But he is leaving it all to you right now.

    As we feel burdened in this trial, he feels burdened also.  He feels it because no matter what he does, says, or how often he ignores you, you show kindness and patience, working the extra hours and holding things together while he is suppose to be having fun.   and he feels turmoil because he is being convicted, due to you keeping the door more fully open for Christ to work in him.

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