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Day 21 Round 5 Love is satisfied in God...

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Today I am definitely praying and thanking God for his love and his guidance that is definitely helping me grow into a better person. Yesterday my husband actually did come and pick me up to go to his doctors appointment, this was a 50/50 chance since he has not been talking to me.  Then after his appt he took me and our daughter who was with us to go get his motorcycle that I found out yesterday he is buying from a woman in his bike club who also works with his best friend.  This whole new bike thing is not sitting very well with me for a number of reasons, a lot of our problems have stemmed from his bike and bike club.  He is usuallygone a lot and when he was still riding his bike that is when he was disappearing for days at a time.  Well I'm trying to pray my way thru this and trust that God is by my side and he knows how all this is going to play out and I'm trying to believe the best in the situation.  Last nite of course we got home and he spent most of the nite outside cleaning it.  Today he sent me a text at work saying that he is going out of town on saturday and that he will be back on sunday.  He told me the town he is going to, but that was it. No other information.  I am glad that he told me he was going out of town, but wish he was not going with this club, because this is how it is going to be going out of town a lot. I havent heard anything else from him all day, but am grateful for at least this communication. I am going to take time tonight and talk with God and really thank him for all that he is doing in my life that is good.  I'm really going to pray for my husband and my marriage tonight and pray that it is protected and safeguarded against outside forces and I'm going to pray that the kids and I can find some peace while he is gone and just pray that this is goign to remain the new me. Months ago I would have been crying and flipping out over this trip and bike, but now I'm just grateful that I know where he is going and that we are having this tiny bit of communication, its still difficult but I am able to find peace in it....

  • As you are seeing even when you carry the cross you can still find peace and joy in Christ.  And it is beyond understanding.  and your kids will see this too in you.

    Thank God he did take you to get the bike and see her also.  Normally, even if there was nothing going on between them, he would have used this just to get at you, to make you jealous, that he was meeting a woman and buying a bike from her.  He would have let your imagination run wild.  

    Asking you to go with you to the appt was a big step for him.  one he felt he caved in on.  Also letting you know when he would be gone and where to was a big step also that he feels is humbling him.  So, if he gets a little snippy before he goes, just put that to he is just reacting with his flesh since he feels he have in and shared with you.

    And as you don't make a big deal out of the few things he shares with you, it opens the door up a little more for him to share again.  If you question, demand more information, or show how upset you feel at times, he will shut down.  So, Be still.....Show patience and kindness.  And continue to lead your heart.

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