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Day 16 love intercedes, praying for my spouse

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I have been praying for my husband for months. I am sure that God is probably tired of hearing my prayers as bad as that sounds. This week I have been stuggling a lot with staying quiet and still and letting God work. Ever since the party he went to last weekend, I have been praying and praying for God to help my husband find a relationship with him for his sake. I dont know if I am praying the rite thing, but I just ask God to take over and help him find his way to him. This week I have also been struggling with a pulled neck muscle and today I woke up after working a 16+ hour day yesterday and I could not turn my head or barely lift my arm.  My husband had a meeting at work and when he came home I was in tears from the pain and I asked him if he would drive me to urgent care. I could not even get my shirt on so I asked him for help, he did it, acted like it was killing him but he did it. Turns out I did have a pulled neck muscle and also diagnosed with a migraine and stress triggering neck spasms.  I got some medication and hopefully it will start to feel better. The whole time I was in the urgent care he was outside in the truck with our daughter they didnt have to be there I guess that is just where he chose to sit.  Now he is at work and I'm about to go into work tonight. The old him would have been more concerned when he came home and saw me like that, this new person was not fazed at all. It is hard to live in the same house with someone who never speaks to you, doesnt show any affection and acts like their life is so horrible, but when they are around others they are so happy and smiling all the time and everyone who knows us always tells me oh your husband is such a nice person, he is so greata blah blah.  I heard last nite that some of his employees saw on fb where he went to the lingerie party and they have been talking about him and how disrespectful that was for a married man to be there so now people are starting to raise the questions are we still together etc.  I still hold my ground as his wife and am not going to let anyone think otherwise no matter what he is doing or how he is acting. I am going ot pray again today for Gods will in my husbands life and also pray for the sanctity and covenant of our marriage be protected. I am aslo going to pray that both of us are able to fogive the other for all the things that we feel each has done wrong and that we are able to love each other the way God loves us and continue to try to pray for each of us to heal. I also found out this week that he plans to buy another motorcycle from some woman he has been at her house two nights this week until wella fter 10 pm with this bike and she is going to allow him to make payments and everything which I thought was odd. He asked me for 200 dollars to add to the money that he is going to get from his mother of all people to put a deposit on this bike. I wish he would not get this, but I know I cannot control his decisions only how I react to them.  I am going to continue to try to be peaceful in all situations and turn to God for the comfort and love that I wish I could still receive from my husband. I am struggling this week, but I know that I can make it thru this as well. I have been thru a lot the past 8 months and all of it just makes me stronger and brings me closer to God. 

  • Hey Michelle.  It is hard living with someone who has detached.  Try to find your inner self and peace, as hard as that may be to do.  He is miserable and wants to lash out.  You keep following God.  Prayers and Blessings to you.

  • In his mind if he would have acted concerned about you being in pain it would be him caving in..  But the lack of kindness he showed you was met with Christ's conviction.  Christ can use all moments to reach people.  

    That is really hard to take when he acts all kind and happy with others and then only shares glares or harsh words or his back to you.  But, know he knows he us putting on a show, and that show may very well be just another way for him to prove he hasn't caved in.

    It is amazing how much energy they have to go out of their way to spite us.  But it will get old and tiresome to him when it is only met with Christ's light through you, by you continuing to be kind and patient.

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