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Day 14 round 5 neglecting an activity to spend time with him...

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As much as I would like to complete this dare I wont be able to because as soon as my husband dropped me off after work he was gone. The past three nites he has been gone. First it was to his "mothers" then last nite he told me he was going to go look at a motorcycle he wants to buy and was gone until midnight then he tells me today that they could not get the battery to start so he has to go back tonight. Now of course I am trying to believe the best but it seems funny to me that he was there until midnight and has to go back tonight. Another thing that makes me wonder is this morning he initiated sex, something he has not been doing. I'm trying to believe that he is not seeing someone else. I am trying not to be upset or say anything about the fact that he wants to but a motorcycle because the money I have been saving is to get his motorcycle fixed and his truck fixed not to buy another bike. Then he tells me today that we are going to file our taxes seperate, I did not say a word. To me that makes me think that he is in his mind seperated. I have been very quiet and am not saying much to him. I know that ultimately he is going to do what he wants to do and I will not be able to say anything about the decisions he makes. I wanted to try to do something with him tonight like watch a movie since that is what he likes to do all the time but he is not here and probably will not be home until after I go to sleep so I will not be able to complete my dare. I will pray and read my bible and thank God for all that is still good and try not to think the worst and continue to show unconditional love and believe the best...

  • MichelleD,

    Reading some of these blog posts makes my heart hurt that some people are going through what I'm going through or worse! I'm going to pray that God looks favorably towards you and opens your husband's eyes and his heart again.

    Take care, and God Bless

  • Sometimes I think they are out late doing something innocent, yet they remain vague or lie about what they are doing just so they think they are still in control.  Keep believing the best.  If God thinks you should know something, you will know.  

    When he's gone, just look at it as the space he needs and the peace in the house you need.  

    the flesh always wants to distract us from God's peace. And evil is right there egging the flesh on.  Keep leading your heart and believing the best.

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