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Day 9 round 5 still greeting him with love...

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Tonight is a rough nite for me. Todays dare is easy, I have been completing this dare daily since round 1 always greeting him with love and kindness even when I am feeling the way I am tonight.  Tonight he is at a Lingerie/pajama bike party, very disrepectful to me and our marriage, but shud I expect anything less from someone who tells his sister that he wouldnt be here unless he cared or how if he had a girlfriend or gets one he wont be married.  These are the things I have heard this week from my sister in law. He has called her this week to vent about me of course and then she turns around and tells me. He doesnt speak to me anymore and then last nite my mom spent the nite at our house because the heater at my parents house is not working and while she was here my husband sent her a text by mistake of a picture of him in his football jersey saying now send me one. My mom said she ignored it and deleted it because she knew that he must have been sending it to a woman. Its this kind of stuff that makes me upset and even angry at times that he can still be like this. Tonight he called my mom to the house because my daughter was upset and crying because I had to go to work and he ended up sneaking out of the house and had someone pick him up for this party. This is crazy, why sneak. The only reason why I know he is even going is becaues his sister told me. I am praying that is all I can do at this point that he does not do anything at this party and that he honors the sanctity and covenant of our marriage and that he comes home tonight. I am praying that I can hold my tongue and not get upset with him because I really want to tell him how direspectfult his is but I know it will only cause and arguement. I am praying for strength to get thru this nite without waiting up for him. I will never understand how this man can continue to hate me so much that he cannot forgive me for anything and let us move past all this. I know he went to this party to spite me because he knows how upset it makes me and he is trying to prove that he can do what he wants and does not care about me or my feelings. Its going to be a rough nite for me. 

  • YOu do have a right do defend your marriage and tell him not to go to these events.  You are right he will not like it, but he will get over it, because he knows you are right.

    But, you mention that he is doing it to spite you.  If so, and you continue to show patience and  kindness, and let Christ's conviction speak to him about going to these events rather than you,  it probably will do more good.

    These moments are tough to live through, especially the nights.  But when all your focus is on how Christ is way above your husband, and all your true comfort only comes from him, and everything is forgiveable, your burdens will be manageable and probably disappear.

    Sean use to say where you worry the most, that is where you trust Christ the least.  That's a hard one for me to think about.

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