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Trying to just be still and give it to God

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I'm trying my hardest to just be still and give this whole situation to God seems like I always say that but never do it.  My husband has not been home since Monday morning and he has not even called to check on his mother who of course is worried sick about him, she keeps asking me where he is and when is he coming home.  He sent me a couple of text messages today asking about some bills that I had to pay.  Didnt ask about his mom or the kids..nothing.  I continue to pray for him, he really needs God in his life, he has a lot of hate and selfishness.  I'm not perfect by any menas but I try daily to live right by God.  When I came home from work today his sister came by to take hi mom out so me and my daughter went to the grocery store.  When we got home I could tell that he had been at the house to take a shower and then left.  I couldnt really tell if he took anything with him, but I kind of made it a point to not worry if he did or not.  I am praying that we can try to work this out, but most of all I am praying that I can find peace by myself and just focus on God and the day to day that I have to worry about at our house.  It still is mind boggling to me that he just up and left his mom here and has not even checked on her at all...

  • Well, he left her with you because he trusts you. He probably sees that what you were saying was true. Just keep yourself plugged into God in prayer and Bible reading.take everything to him in prayer and accept the peace he will give you...He desires to fulfill all your dreams in Him...just trust Him and let him have it. I say this as much for myself as I am telling you it works. "delight your self also in the lord and he will make your paths straight" your path is the one you chose when you chose the LD, hang in there.

    Prayers for you sister

  • That's what you need to do, as you said, give it to God.  Sometimes we have  to do that moment by moment, because the flesh just wants to handle everything or fix everything.  

    It is crazy how our spouses can transfer their unjustified anger even on to other family members and do nothing to help or even ask if things are okay, such as with his mom.  Just turn those thoughts into feeling sorry for him.  

    Keep making it a point not to worry about what he did or didn't take, what he's thinking, what he's doing, etc.  When you put it in God's hands, their is no room to worry any longer.  So, with worry gone, fill that new space up in your brain with His peace.  and then joy will come.

  • The best advice I could ever give you is be still. I wasn't and it made things way worse. There is nothing you can do or say that will change your husband for the better. It will only backfire. God can and will deal with him.

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