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At my wits end with his sisters

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As if dealing with his wonderful attitude was not enough now Im getting nasty text messages from his sisters.  His mother is having a rough time rite now adjusting to her new medications and is very paranoid and anxious and thinks that we are trying to poison her or I am trying to poison her I shud say.  She has packed up her entire room and keeps hounding me about her medication and then she told my husband that I told her that she was going to die blah blah.  Well today as soon as I walked in the door from work she pounced on me about going home and why she cant have her medication to take with her (she cant open the bottles and does not take correctly at all).  I was not in the mood for this and her daughter was at the house so I polietly excused myself by taking me daughter to the park and that is where all the drama began.  His niece started to text me asking what am I doing to her grandmother because she does not feel safe at our house and she feels like we are trying to kill her and keep her hostage and asking why we keep her caged up in her room ( we absolutely do not do this) she then proceeds to tell me that she doesnt feel welcome when she comes over to the house and that I am rude blah blah.  This is coming from the girl whos mother has threatned me multiple times and has even barged into our house demanding that we give her her mothers checks to cash and things like that.  I used to be really close with this particular sister she is the one that is in the social club and I had to stop communicating with her because she would tell me about all the women that want to get with my husband etc and she would from time to time start drama between us.  Well I forwarded my husband all the texts and of course whos fault did all this become.....mine of course.  He came home and told me that I need to mind my own business and its my fault his mother is having a hard time because I tell her the truth about her condition etc and that I start the mess with his sisters when I respond to them.  I just looked at him and said please dont turn this on me and I would really like for you to support me on this and have my back...his response when something happens to my mother it will be your fault.  I cannot win with this man at all.  Its always something no matter how much I break my back for him and his family.  I have such a headache now and I have to work overnight tonight after working this morning. I guess all I can do at this point is pray, pray and pray some more.......

  • And realize that you don't work for them or for their approval. Your worth,  applause and kuddos comes from God and Him alone. Keep doing what your doing. IF something should happem, whether its between your husband or is sisters, know that God has your back, and if Hes for you, nothing can stand against you.

    Your miracle must be coming soon because the Devil is doing everything he can to get you to quit. Keep putting one foot in front of the other and praise God during this time. He's got you!!

  • Hang in there, the darkest hour is just before day. Prayers

  • When you are attacked because you are doing God's work, you are on track and will find your reward.  The world attacks and mocks when your actions reflect Christ. Thank God and find joy in this.  As tough as it is.

    In one  hand put all the hurt everyone is throwing at you.  then in the other hand, visualize all the promises of Christ.  Open you fist with the hurt and let it all fall to the ground.  And with God's  promises to you in the other hand, cleave to these and do not let go.

  • Surrender everything to the foot of the cross. This is the only way I got peace in my trial. when you do you can stand in the flames of hate from others and smile up at the Son. remember the story of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego.

    Also, not to sound judgmental and I do understand the pressure you are under, remember to believe the best. If you cant believe the best from them, believe it from God for you and from God for them.

  • When you stand for what is right, what the Bible teaches, attacks like this are inevitable. It makes it hard to keep standing for what is right. Jesus even prayed at Gethsemane for the cup to pass from Him. He asked His Father if there was another way. There wasn't. He saw the pain coming and knew it would be difficult. We see that also. I'm a year into this and it seems to get worse and worse. The more you stand for God the more opposition you will get. That's been the Christian way for 2000 years. Here is what I think based on my experiences:

    You are doing the right thing taking care of your mother-in-law but if there is another option take it. Let her go to one of these sisters. It is causing too much division and putting you in a terrible position. If it comes down to court and you are against your husband and his family, numbers win.

    If, and I mean if, your husband leaves and files or whatever, these people that you talk about can testify against you in court and it doesn't matter if they are lying or not. The system can be manipulated easily.

    Document everything going on. Print all of those texts and keep them in a file. I was as nice as I think I could have been and now church invites are being used as evidence of harassment against me.

    You can still show love but you also have to protect yourself. You never know what kind of turn this will take. Your husband could have an epiphany tomorrow or he could walk out for good. It's impossible to tell so be prepared.

    Take all of this with a grain of salt. I don't know much about your situation. I just know what has happened with me and much of it could have been prevented if I had just stepped back and let God work instead of trying to control the situation.

    And you know, none of this matters in the end. If you are made to look like the bad guy, if I go to jail for harassment, no matter what, if we are obeying God we will be rewarded in heaven. No one on earth can take that from us. What a glorious thought to think that one day God will say to us "Well done my good and faithful servant."

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