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On me knees praying today

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This morning has been one of the worst I have had in a long itme.  My husband had his wallet in the living room while he was sleeping in the man cave and when our daughter woke up she said oh its daddys wallet and she was picking it up to bring to him and a condom fell out.  I grabbed it and the wallet and inside there were 2 more. I went into the man cave and said Silas what the hell, he jumped up like someone was getting murdered.  He saw the condoms in my hand and came over and before he could grab them I threw them in his face and immediatley went to my knees and started to pray.  I dont even know what I was saying I was out of body almost.  The look on his face when he saw me with them was panick and almost fear.  When I was praying he kept saying michelle stop stop stop and he tried to touch me and I moved and kept praying and he went and got our 15 year old and woke her up and took her home. He said to me on the way out the door that she doesnt need to see this.  I am in shock I have been praying.  I know that nothing good will come of this.  I do remeber asking him when I started to cry and pray was he sleeping with other women and of course he said no.  I have no idea what to do from here except pray.  I dont know what is going thru his mind, I'm sure in some sick way this will turn into my fault even though we all know better.  I dont know what to do when he comes home if he comes home.  This has been a bad morning.  Praying, praying praying. I know God will get me thru. 

  • My heart hurts for you as I know that pain too well.  I have covered you in prayer just now.  Pour out your heart to our Father and pray for the burdens of your love to be removed.  Remember the Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still.  Don't let your mind run away with you.  Try to keep in His Presence.  Just breathe friend.

  • I'm so sorry this happened... I will be covering you in prayer today as well.  Just remember that God is the ultimate comforter and he will never leave you nor forsake you. And maybe this is the wake up call your husband needs.

  • Thank you PAR and notaboutme I appreciate your prayers.  Today has not been a good one for me.  I am being still and trying not to let my mind run.  Its hard but I'm trying....

  • I am so sorry this happened to you. Know that what's done in the dark eventually comes to the light so it's best that you found out this way other than catching him with someone or hearing about it through the grapevine. Remember all things work together for our good. Constant prayer is the key. My prayers are with you.

  • I read this and went for a walk with the dog.  Prayed for both of you on the walk.  Just got back.

    As sad as this is for you, and really for all of us. ( I sometimes don't ever want to come back to this site, because I feel so callous not wanting any of all of your pain to bring me sorrow.  But it is such a good site.)  But your fist and last sentences confirm God's strength in you.

    You have been hit with some aweful news.  And yet, you mention it is one of the worse mornings you have had in a long time.  Thank God you said that!  I mean, really, anyone of the world would have clearly said this is The worse day ever!  If this doesn't make sense, it sure does for me.  

  • And your last sentence.  I know God will get me thru.  He sure will!  At this point the world would say God abandoned you.  And many Christians would say God is hiding from you when you need him so much.  But you, you KNOW He will get you through.  It's not that you understand the concept of God will get you through, but you KNOW!  

    So, for right now.  Be still, and know He is God.  But while being still, rejoice in His name in how you run to him in prayer immediately instead of reacting and staying in the flesh or letting evil take control right there.  What a chance for evil to take over.  But you rejected evil so strongly, so fiercely, and yet so humbly, going straight to God.

  • The flesh says his betrayal is end all, the world says it, evil says it too.  But what did you say, even if it was indirectly in the marriage covenant?  You said for better or worse.  We all ignore the worse part when all is good.  But, when tough moments hit, and this is just a moment of time for you, we want to throw that vow out the window.  Who in their right mind forgives this?

    Yet what have you been in training for all these months and months.  You have walked, ran, and at times crawled, and at other times even walked a few steps backward.  Yet you have progressed greatly toward God.  

  • And through the dares God has taught you well.  For now you know how to love unconditionally, with agape love.  You know how to forgive, unconditionally, maybe not even for his sake but for the sake of your relationship with Christ.  And you know love believes the best.  Who really knows?  Maybe these were handed out at a biker party and he sheepishly took them not wanting to say no to all his buddies. maybe at one point He wanted to use them, but God's convictions, due to your prayers, your walk, and your faith, His convictions finally were felt and understood by him and he did not act upon what the world was telling him to do.

  • Who on earth is good?  There is only One Being that is Good.

    And us that are weak, what we need is to be loved and forgiven.  Over and over and over.  And I know you have another forgiveness sticker left to put on him.  

    Leave him to God.  You be patient and kind.  And continue to gain in Christ.  That's it, that's all you need to do right now.  Pretty simple.  Take the pressure off of what you think you may have to do, say, or feel.

    Be in peace, because you got a pretty big Dad in Heaven loving on you so much.  If you really knew how much He loved you, your eyes would be dripping tears of joy and wonderment.  

  • I am counting on you to be a testimony to me.  (Don't worry, you and everyone here is and has been.)  

    But, maybe 11 years ago. I heard I am so sure, the voice of Jesus as I was contemplating His crucifixion.  And all the pain He took on even before the nails ran through his limbs.  And I heard I gave, will you?  And it confounded me.  So, what did I have to give?  I had no clue, till I was in the middle of this trial.  So, I wonder and pray, God, did you mean I have to give every

  • thing because I am going to find out she has had a physical affair and committed adultary?  And then, a few days ago i get a clear message.  Not in words but an aha moment.  I was looking at a picture of Jesus.  Such a simple picture, yet intriging, yet almost making Jesus out to be almost a simpleton.  But Jesus was holding out His wounded palms in such a unique way it captivated me.  And it hit so loudly.  Look at me Tim, look what I accepted for you.  And what are you going to accept for me?

    And I wonder still, were these two moments  given to me so that I would know what I need to do if I ever find out she has committed physical adultary?

  • None of us want the burdens that were placed at our feet.  So, give up this burden, and give remove it from the front of your feet and place it in front of God's feet.  And know the burden will be handled for you.  The exciting part is, you dont know how it will be handled.  But you know it will for the good of YOU!

    May God's peace be with you always.  

    Time to shine His light Michelle!  No hiding that light under a bushel basket.  

    So, if I need to come to this site to share she has committed adultary, you can shove these words back at me.  LOL.  

    You will be more than okay.  You have a providential future ahead of you.  Even if it has to wait till you are enjoying your new life in heaven, all of this suffering for His glory and will will be so worth it.

  • Tim, I am simply in awe of how God just moved and worked in you with your words to Michelle.  

    Michelle, I hope they have brought a comfort to your situation and some daily bread - especially about the part of taking the pressure off of what you have to do, say, etc.  We often carry the cross in our situations when Jesus is clearly saying "Let me take your burden."

    I continue to pray for you today, and your hubs and family.  I pray protection over you that Satan not be allowed a seat at your table.

    Read Psalm 40 and Psalm 42...I found encouragement there this morning and hope it brings you peace today.

  • Thank you so much everyone.  I am praying my way thru.  I appreciate everyone on here and these posts have given me more hope that I am able to do all things thru christ.  I have come along way a year ago I would have let my flesh take over but I immediately went to prayer even in front of him when he was trying to talk to me.  I have grown a lot.  I'm going to continue on my path and be still...

  • I went out with some coworkers late Saturday night.  Part of the conversation ended up on relationships.  I really thought about if I could take my wife back.

    I know I could.  It isn't the affair, it is the infidelity, for me it's the loss of her out of my life forever, or being able to forgive.   I have started to look at her as a child of God.  I have more pity for her, and know that she is lost.  She says she is happy, but her actions say otherwise, and I barely see anything in her life.

    When someone lies to themselves, is that no the great deceiver having control over them.

    They need our prayer more than ever, because part of them is listening to the wrong influence.

    They need God and Christ, so we need to pray for them.

    Michelle I know how hard that must have hurt.  When you are not sure par of you can hold onto the belief they are faithful.  It hurts more when you know.  Just like when she kept sating she would file vs the actual filing.  

    Try to take comfort in Christ.  He will lead you through this crisis.  Maybe your husband seeing you may start something in him.

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