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Trying not to let flesh win

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I have been praying the past few days about so many areas in my life.  It seems l ike when I am feeling good about stuff then things beging to crumble again.  I have been having issues with my son who is 13 they are not big issues but he is very mouthy and mean to me and his sister and then when I try to discipline him he brings up me and my husband and says maybe I should concentrate on that and leave him alone.  It is hurtful to hear that so I have been praying for guidance.  Then my parents are wearing on me.  We are their sole transportation rite now and its beginning to tire me out and my husband is frustrated with it I can tell. Then my mom is having a hard time with her chemo treatments and leans on me to do things for her like shave her head because she could not emotionally do it.  I cant talk to my husband about any of this because he says I dont need him for anything and shuts me out.  Then yesterday we went to the doctor and I was not able to go in with him because he brought all the kids.  After I thought he said to me to go to his moms house but I was wrong because when I was there with the kids he kept giving me a dirty look and finally told me to go.  I guess it was because he was going to bring her to the urgent care for her legs.  He got home really late last night and this morning was fussing at me thru text because the landlord was coming over to fix our toilet he told me the house was a mess and I should have cleaned it and how I need to do better.  I didnt have the words to answer back because I was frustrated because no one helps me clean the house ever and I feel real overwhelmed rite now. I am posting this after leaving one job and going to another. I have the feeling hes gonna be shooting me the looks whenever he comes home.  I am not having a very good day I saw my Dr yesterday and she put me on anxiety medication she said I have a lot going on and my not being able to sleep and having panic attacks needs to be treated so she put me on a medicine.  My husband doesnt know that would be one more thing for him to say something about. I am praying today praying hard. 

  • All the things around you feel like they are crashing down.  Somehow, God will use it all for his glory and for the good of you.  When you are so busy throughout the entire day, and can't find the time to take an extra second or minute to say a prayer, let your work be a form of prayer.

    Let making dinner, the second job, or cleaning off a counter when you really want to sit down be a prayer.  

  • If and even if he doesn't come back fully to the marriage, if he doesn't already, he will know at some point the struggle you are going through for him.  And this will lead to his conversion or to further conviction.  Either way, you are doing what a wife is to do, lead her husband to Christ.  

    For supper, can you make one huge meal so that the son is eating the same food for days in a row and will become tired of it?  and when he complains, have him help you cook the next meal?  and if he's thrwoing a fit at that, make the same huge meal again that he's already tired of.

    I am sure it is difficult to discipline him when your husband isn't supporting you.  

    I have no clue about the above idea, surely take it with a grain of salt.  But while working, ask God to show you how to handle your son.  

  • The flesh will always be there.  Consider all this an exersize of building further endurance to finish your raise strongly.

  • But with Christ, that flesh that never fully goes away can be greatly tempered in Christ.  And it is tempered in you.

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